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Human trafficking is a global, multibillion-dollar industry. Most victims are female and more than half are children. At-risk youth continue to attend school with school nurses on the frontline of this health crisis. Using the Peace and Power Conceptual Model, a mixed-methods study was conducted to explore school nurses' awareness, attitudes, and role perceptions in the prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Six peace-power versus power-over power themes and subthemes were ide...
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Nurse leaders and health-care experts agree that nurses have a responsibility to address the health problems facing the nation by participating in health policy development. However, nurses have not fully realized their potential when it comes to engaging in health policy advocacy and leadership. Nurse leaders, professional nursing organizations, accrediting bodies, and the Institute of Medicine have all identified the need to educate nurses in heath policy. Valuable recommendations for content ...
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Objectives Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) substantially increases a woman’s lifetime risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM). Lifestyle modification interventions have been effective in preventing DM in high-risk populations but present challenges in diverse, postpartum women. We systematically reviewed the literature to synthesize current knowledge and practices around tailoring multimodal, primarily home-based interventions for situational and cultural relevance to reduce DM risk...
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Some evidence suggests that phytoestrogens, such as soy-derived isoflavones, may have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health and glycemic control. These data are mainly limited to postmenopausal women or individuals at elevated cardiometabolic risk. There is a lack of data for pregnant women who have elevated estrogen levels and physiologically altered glucose and lipid metabolism. We analyzed data from 299 pregnant women who participated in the NHANES 2001–2008 surveys. Multivariable linea...
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ABSTRACT Objective To examine the role of the labor and delivery nurse in a nurse‐managed practice model and nurses’ perceived ability to influence decisions about mode of delivery and outcomes. Design Cross‐sectional, descriptive, qualitative study. Setting One nurse‐managed labor and delivery unit in a community‐based hospital near a major metropolitan area. Participants A purposeful sample of 13 registered nurses with intrapartum experience. Methods Qualitative, in‐depth interview data were s...
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