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Published on Dec 1, 2011in Bell Labs Technical Journal
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Mobility is an important aspect in our daily life and has a deep impact on a multitude of societal factors. For nearly 120 years, we have been heavily relying on fossil energy sources. This trend may not be sustainable in the coming decades due to shortage of resources as well as ambitious goals for environmental protection. In this situation, electric vehicles could play a key role in maintaining our high level of individual mobility. After an introduction briefly depicting the motivation for c...
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Published on Jan 1, 1996in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 1.60
Uwe Ackermann1
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A method of managing a speech memory (VMEM) and an assembly therefor are disclosed. To enable a plurality of users (U1, U2, U3, U4) to access the speech memory, the latter is divided into user memory areas (S1, S2, S3, S4) and a common memory area (SALL). By adding a portion (S4') of the common memory area (SALL) to one of the user memory areas (S4') or vice versa, the size of this user memory area is adapted to the memory space requirements (Min4) of the user (U4). The capacity of the speech me...
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Published on Jan 1, 1988
A universal multiprocessor system has been developed for a variety of real-time speech processing applications, including isolated-word and connected-word recognition and medium-bit-rate speech analysis/synthesis. The throughput capability of the system for speech recognition is about 1000 actual word templates in real time. The main advantage of the system is that the same hardware can be used in different areas of man-machine communication; only different software modules have to be downloaded...
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Published on Jan 1, 1984
A universal, fast digital signal processor system SASP (Speech Analysis Synthesis Processor) has been developed for a diversity of realtime speech processing applications including speech recognition, narrowband coding and speech synthesis. The hardware consists of a Motorola 68000 16-bit microprocessor operating in parallel with several fast arithmetic units tailored to specific signal processing algorithms and an analog I/O unit. The linear prediction coefficients are used as a common feature ...
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