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Objectives:Exposure to sex hormones is important in the pathogenesis of breast cancer (BC) and inability to tolerate such exposure may be reflected in increased asymmetrical growth of the breasts. ...
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The purpose of the study is to test the performance of the combination of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) and synthetic views on the detection for cancers presenting as calcifications compared to the performance of planar mammography combined with DBT. A pilot study is presented. A set of 22 cases without cancer were collected from a Siemens Inspiration mammography system. Twenty-two simulated calcification clusters were inserted into the planar and DBT projections of 16 cases. For each case ...
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Purpose: To measure changes in breast density in a screening population. Method: Unprocessed mammograms were collected for 8,268 women (6034 and 2234 women with two and three sequential screening rounds respectively) with normal breasts (routine recall), from the OPTIMAM image database. The volumetric breast density (VBD), fibroglandular volume (FGV) and breast volume (BV) were determined and the changes between screening rounds calculated. Linear regression determined if the rate of change in t...
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The use of conventional clinical trials to optimise technology and techniques in breast cancer screening carries with it issues of dose, high cost and delay. This has motivated the development of Virtual Clinical Trials (VCTs) as an alternative in-silico assessment paradigm. However, such an approach requires a set of modelling tools that can realistically represent the key biological and technical components within the imaging chain. The OPTIMAM image simulation toolbox provides a complete vali...
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A novel method has been developed for generating quasi-realistic voxel phantoms which simulate the compressed breast in mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT). The models are suitable for use in virtual clinical trials requiring realistic anatomy which use the multiple alternative forced choice (AFC) paradigm and patches from the complete breast image. The breast models are produced by extracting features of breast tissue components from DBT clinical images including skin, adipose an...
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Jennifer Ferguson2, Guy Stevens1, Robert Hills2, Kate Gower Thomas1 1Breast Test Wales, Cardiff, UK; 2Cardiff University School of Medicine, Cardiff, UK Correspondence: Jennifer Ferguson Introduction To determine the rate and classification of interval breast cancer (IC) in the two years preceeding and following the introduction of digital mammography in 2011 in a national screening programme. Methods Two 2-year bands were used to ensure completed data for pre and post digital groups. Retrospect...
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The impact of image processing on cancer detection is still a concern to radiologists and physicists. This work aims to evaluate the effect of two types of image processing on cancer detection in mammography. An observer study was performed in which six radiologists inspected 349 cases (a mixture of normal cases, benign lesions and cancers) processed with two types of image processing. The observers marked areas they were suspicious were cancers. JAFROC analysis was performed to determine if the...
Stereotactic guided 14 gauge core needle biopsy (14GCNB) and vacuum-assisted biopsy (VAB) are the two commonly used biopsy methods for obtaining an accurate diagnosis for microcalcifications. Retrospective review of 399 patients who underwent biopsy for breast microcalcification during screening assessment from April 2012 to March 2013 was used to evaluate the performance and cost-effectiveness of both methods.