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Abstract Testosterone is one of the most abused pseudo-endogenous anabolic steroids in sport doping. The current method adopted to detect the abuse of testosterone and other pseudo-endogenous steroids (endogenous steroids when administered exogenously) is first based on the longitudinal monitoring of several urinary biomarkers, which constitute the so called “steroidal module” of the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP): atypical samples undergo a confirmation analysis based on the measurement of t...
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Abstract Motivations It has recently been argued [1] that the effectiveness of a cure depends on the doctor–patient shared understanding of an illness and its treatment. Although a better communication between doctor and patient can be pursued through dedicated training programs, or by collecting patients’ experiences and symptoms by means of questionnaires, the impact of these actions is limited by time and resources. In this paper we suggest that a patient-centered view of a disease – as well ...
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Introduction A new class of drugs in the treatment of cystic fibrosis (CF) includes two agents: lumacaftor, which corrects CFTR channel protein, and ivacaftor, which increases CFTR channel activity. In our previous study we recruited 50 stable adults with CF and 16 of them showed growth hormone deficit (GHD): 7 patients severe and 9 patients partial GHD.
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Background Weight loss is a milestone in the prevention of chronic diseases associated with high morbility and mortality in industrialized countries. Very-low calorie ketogenic diets (VLCKDs) are increasingly used in clinical practice for weight loss and management of obesity-related comorbidities. Despite evidence on the clinical benefits of VLCKDs is rapidly emerging, some concern still exists about their potential risks and their use in the long-term, due to paucity of clinical studies. Notab...
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The association between impaired spermatogenesis and TGCT has stimulated research on shared genetic factors. Y chromosome-linked partial AZFc deletions predispose to oligozoospermia and were also studied in TGCT patients with controversial results. In the largest study reporting the association between gr/gr deletion and TGCT, sperm parameters were unknown. Hence, it remains to be established whether this genetic defect truly represents a common genetic link between TGCT and impaired sperm produ...
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Summary Background & aims The metabolic and functional characteristics related to sarcopenic obesity have not been thoroughly explored in the earlier stages of the aging process. The aim of the present study was to examine the phenotype of sarcopenic obesity, in terms of lean body mass, muscle strength and quality, in adult women with and without the Metabolic Syndrome (MetS), and its relationship with the features of myosteatosis. Methods Study participants were enrolled at the Sapienza Univers...
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Abstract Background Dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP4) is a key enzyme involved in the regulation of the incretin system exerted by cleaving the glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1); the blockage of DPP4, exerted by the antidiabetic agents DPP4-inhibitors (DPP4-I), results in greater GLP-1 concentration and improved glycaemic control. DPP4 acts also as a pro-inflammatory molecule and mediates vascular damage in experimental models. The relationship between DPP4 activity and endothelial function in diabete...