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Published on Nov 1, 2017in Cretaceous Research2.12
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Abstract The family Meropidae is a small, strongly relict group of scorpionflies (Mecoptera), comprising six species: three fossil and three recent ones. A characteristic feature of the family is the forceps of the male genitalia which resemble the cerci of Dermaptera. A male of a recently described Cretaceous species Burmomerope clara Zhao and Wang, 2016 is herein described for the first time based on a well-preserved fossil from Burmese amber of mid-Cretaceous age. Another specimen, a well pre...
Published on Sep 24, 2015in Zootaxa0.99
Stefanie K. Oberprieler3
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Wiesław Krzemiński2
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The first crane fly (Diptera: Tipuloidea) fossil discovered in the Upper Jurassic Talbragar Fish Bed in Australia is described and illustrated. Eotipula grangeri sp. nov., described from a single specimen, is assigned to the family Limoniidae based primarily on the conformation of wing veins. It is the second and oldest record of Limoniidae from Australia, and the first of Jurassic age from the southern hemisphere.
Published on Aug 28, 2014in Zootaxa0.99
Kornelia Skibińska3
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Wiesław Krzemiński2
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Robert A. Coram2
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Nannotanyderus oliviae sp. nov. from the Lower Jurassic (Sinemurian) of England, the oldest representative of family Tanyderidae, is described and illustrated.