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The minute snails of the troglobitic genus Zospeum are known from the southeastern Alps through the Dinarides and from the Pyrenees to the Cantabrian Mountains. The majority of Zospeum has been described from the northernmost region of Southeast Europe, the geographical focus of our study. The taxonomic value of the few available morphological shell characters has been debated for nearly as long as the genus is known. Recent results of genetic studies questioned the established taxonomic system ...
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The minute troglobitic species, Zospeum isselianum Pollonera, 1887 (Eupulmonata: Ellobioidea, Carychiidae) is widely distributed within its Southern Alpine-Dinaric range. Its broad distribution and highly variable shell has caused this species to be historically lumped into its current taxonomic state of ambiguity. In an integrative taxonomic approach, phenotypic and genotypic data are synthesized to assess the intraspecific variability recently inferred for this taxon. We collected 16 Zospeum s...
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Last. Barna Páll-GergelyH-Index: 9
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A review of the microgastropod genus Systenostoma is provided. Thai and Malaysian species are transferred to a new genus, Angustopila (type species: Systenostoma tamlod Panha & Burch, 1999). A new subterranean Angustopila species is described here. Conchologically, the new species is most similar to the cave-dwelling, Thai A. tamlod (Panha & Burch, 1999). One Thai species (Systenostoma edentata) is transferred to the genus Hypselostoma. Vietnamese members remain in the genus Tonkinospira (nomen ...
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#1Alexander M. Weigand (Goethe University Frankfurt)H-Index: 12
#2Adrienne Jochum (Goethe University Frankfurt)H-Index: 6
Last. Annette Klussmann-Kolb (Goethe University Frankfurt)H-Index: 19
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Background Current biodiversity patterns are considered largely the result of past climatic and tectonic changes. In an integrative approach, we combine taxonomic and phylogenetic hypotheses to analyze temporal and geographic diversification of epigean (Carychium) and subterranean (Zospeum) evolutionary lineages in Carychiidae (Eupulmonata, Ellobioidea). We explicitly test three hypotheses: 1) morphospecies encompass unrecognized evolutionary lineages, 2) limited dispersal results in a close gen...
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Abstract X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) was used to study the mineral composition of shells of snails Belgrandiella fontinalis and Belgrandiella kuesteri collected from three freshwater springs in northeastern Slovenia. The fractions of aragonite, calcite, dolomite and quartz in particular shells were determined. The analysed shells consisted of two or more distinct inorganic layers. The outer shell layer for both species and all sampling localities contained aragonite. The outer layer of B. fon...
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#1Rajko Slapnik (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)H-Index: 4
#1Rajko Slapnik (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)H-Index: 4
Slapnik, R.: Activity and movements of Zospeum isselianum Pollonera 1886 (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Carychiidae) in a cave in the Kamni{ke-Savinjske Alps (Slovenia). Nat. Croat., Vol. 10, No. 3, 153–162, 2001, Zagreb. The objective of this work was to make periodic observations of hypogean Zospeum isselianum Pollonera 1886 snails on a sample rock surface in the Jama pod Mokrico cave in the Kamni{keSavinjske Alps and monitor the distance the snails moved over a given period of time. Between April 30...
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#1Davorin MedakovićH-Index: 5
#2Rajko SlapnikH-Index: 4
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