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The private rented sector (PRS) has more than doubled in the UK over the last 20 years and is now home to more than 4.5 million households (ONS 2019: 3). Once a housing tenure associated with students and mobile young professionals, it is now increasingly housing, long-term, a more diverse range of tenants including families with children and lowerincome groups. Whilst much of the policy and political focus has been on young people – the so called ‘Generation Rent’ (Hoolachan and McKee 2019; McK...
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In the UK, house prices have been rising over a long period, notwithstanding the disruption caused by the financial crisis, creating growing concerns about affordability particularly for younger households, while existing owners continue to enjoy windfall wealth gains. This paper uses critical discourse analysis to examine how these competing interests with respect to house price rises are represented in popular discourse. It systematically analyses newspaper coverage, comparing two time periods...
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Domestic abuse policy increasingly uses language which indicates that abuse is patterned according to structural factors. However, practicing according to these structural accounts of abuse is problematic because of the policy and organisational contexts that practitioners work within and, we argue, because the implications of the structured nature of victims’ experiences is not fully understood by all practitioners. We ask whether women's differential use and experiences of services with a remi...
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Across the public sector there is concern that service uptake is inequitably distributed by socio-economic circumstances and that public provision exacerbates the existence of inequalities either because services are not allocated by need or because of differential patterns of uptake between the most and least affluent groups. A concept that offers potential to understand access and utilization is ‘candidacy’ which has been used to explain access to, and utilization of, healthcare. The concept s...
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This paper provides evidence on the impacts that students have had on neighbourhoods in five case study cities in the UK. Drawing on extensive qualitative interview data in these cities, the paper shows how national policy towards higher education had unintended and unanticipated problems for urban policy-makers. It argues that responses to these problems are shaped by discourses about what is normalised student behaviour and, implicitly, class-based ideologies. These are argued to shape the way...
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In January 2009, a range of temporary measures were put in place that were intended to provide additional help to owner-occupiers who were eligible to claim out-of-work benefit, to avoid house repossession during the economic downturn. The new arrangements for Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) provided enhanced support for eligible mortgagors, who would be able to receive help after a shorter, 13 week waiting period compared to the previous 39 week waiting period1. In addition, the capital lim...
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High rates of tenancy turnover in social rented housing have increasingly been identified as problematic both in the UK and elsewhere. High turnover has been variously associated with management failings, individual vulnerability or (absence of) tenant choice. Drawing on original research into ‘prematurely terminated’ tenancies in Glasgow, we investigate explanatory factors associated with tenancy sustainment rates. In doing so, we interrogate the (managerialist) rationale which positions su...
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This paper adds to a growing literature on the impacts of the growth in student numbers in the UK, by focusing explicitly on their spatial residential patterns and impacts on labour markets in cities. It shows that students are typically highly residentially concentrated and statistically the population of students shows a high degree of segregation from nonstudents. Turnover within student neighbourhoods is argued to be sufficiently high to cause significant neighbourhood and community disrupti...
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