John M. Duxbury
Cornell University
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Cultivation with Arsenic (As) contaminated water severely affects growth of rice plants that results into reduced grain yield. This study was carried out to develop a rapid and effective method of screening rice varieties and/or segregating population against arsenic phyto-toxicity tolerance. Sodium arsenate was used as arsenic source. Ten pre-germinated seeds of each variety were grown on styro-foam placed on a tray filled with either phosphate-free nutrient solution (control) or the same nutri...
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Rice is the primary crop in Bangladesh, and rice yield is diminished due to the buildup of arsenic (As) in soil from irrigation with high-As groundwater. Implementing a soil inversion, where deeper low-As soil is exchanged with the surface high-As soil in contact with rice roots, may mitigate the negative impacts of As on yield. We compared soil As, soil nutrients, and rice yield in control plots with those in adjacent soil inversion plots. We also estimated the quantity of soil As deposited on ...
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Rice was traditionally grown only during the summer (aman) monsoon in Bangladesh but more than half is now grown during the dry winter (boro) season and requires irrigation. A previous field study conducted in a small area irrigated by a single high-arsenic well has shown that the accumulation of arsenic (As) in soil from irrigating with high-As groundwater can reduce rice yield. We investigated the effect of soil As on rice yield under a range of field conditions by exchanging the top 15 cm of ...
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Arsenic phyto-toxicity is a limiting factor affecting rice production in the Indo-Gangetic flood plain. In this study, 98 microsatellite markers were used to map quantitative trait loci (QTL) conferring arsenic phyto-toxicity tolerance (AsT) at seedling stage from a F2 population derived from a cross between an arsenic sensitive indica rice cultivar (BRRI dhan45) and an arsenic tolerant indica rice cultivar (BRRI dhan47) using selective genotyping technique. Arsenic phyto-toxicity tolerance of F...
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We estimated emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from development of a large bioenergy industry in New York State, a humid continental region of 12.6 million hectares of mixed urban, agricultural, and forest land uses. Six representative feedstocks were considered: maize grain, maize stover, warm season grass, short rotation willow, and hardwood and softwood residues from existing mixed-species forests. We analyzed how variation in land quality and management affects feedstock yields and relate...
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Development of viable bioenergy economies will require large increases in biomass feedstock production. Improved methods are needed to quantify production potential based on land availability, land suitability, biomass yield, and cost. We developed such a method and applied it throughout New York State. While maintaining existing forest and agricultural production, we quantified additional sustainable biomass production potential using geospatial and yield modeling that integrates remotely sense...
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