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ABSTRACTReactive nitrogen (N) losses, and in particular nitrous oxide losses, from dairy grasslands on peat soils are generally high as a result of relative high soil organic matter contents, poten...
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Abstract Considerable nitrogen (N) mineralization occurs in drained peat soils in use for dairy grassland, due to aerobic decomposition of soil organic matter (SOM). N losses may be limited by matching grass N uptake with N mineralization and by adapting on-farm fertilization schemes to soil N supply (SNS) and apparent N recovery (ANR). Previous attempts to predict SNS of peat grasslands from soil parameters have been unsuccessful, partly due to high variation in SNS between sites and years. In ...
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A healthy soil is crucial for mankind. In order to be able to assess soil health, soil health must first be quantified. This can be done on the basis of assessing a limited number of physical, chemical and biological indicators. This report describes how, on the basis of literature research, it is determined which indicators are most suitable for determining soil health. The influence of prevailing environmental variables is also described. Finally, five recommendations are made.
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The transition to sustainable energy is in full swing. There is a great challenge to meet our energy requirements with sustainable energy sources. Solar power and the construction of solar parks are currently experiencing strong growth. In 2018 the solar power installed has increased by 46%. The area of solar parks on the ground is growing faster than the surface solar panels on roofs. In the Netherlands there is discussion about the use of scarce space for installing solar panels. The use of ro...
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Worldwide human activities threaten soil quality in terms of the soil's ability to deliver ecosystem services. This ongoing process of land degradation asks for effective strategies of soil protection. In this context, it is important to understand processes that build up and regenerate soil. The present study investigated how the soil ecosystem, including soil organisms, vegetation and soil ecological processes, develops during the process of soil formation in a chronosequence in a glacier fore...
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The sustainable management of land for agricultural production has at its core a healthy soil, because this reduces the quantity of external inputs, reduces losses of nutrients to the environment, maximises the number of days when the soil can be worked, and has a pore structure that maximises both the retention of water in dry weather and drainage of water in wet weather. Soil health encompasses the physical, chemical, and biological features, but the use of biological indicators is the least w...
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In een theelepeltje zwarte grond zitten al miljoenen micro-organismen die goed zijn aangepast aan de plaatselijke omstandigheden. Soms is het feest en is er eten genoeg. Maar meestal hebben de micro-organismen honger. Gekweekte bacterien daarentegen, zijn al vetgemest en lopen grote kans om meteen opgegeten te worden of te verhongeren. Ondanks enthousiaste praktijkprojecten met toevoegingen van micro-organismen aan bodem, mest en compost of bokashi, wordt er nauwelijks onderzoek gedaan naar de e...
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