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The \ensuremath{\beta}decay of five heavy, neutron-rich nuclei, {}^{203,204}t and {}^{200\ensuremath{-}202}r, has been investigated following relativistic cold fragmentation reactions of lead projectiles using the FRS+RISING setup at GSI. This paper reports on the study of the low-lying states in the decay daughter nuclei {}^{203,204}u and {}^{200\ensuremath{-}202}t. The characteristic \ensuremath{\gamma}rays for each nucleus have been determined using \ensuremath{\beta}dela...
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The production cross sections of four N=127 isotones ({sup 207}Hg, {sup 206}Au, {sup 205}Pt, and {sup 204}Ir) have been measured using (p,n) charge-exchange reactions, induced in collisions of a {sup 208}Pb primary beam at 1 A GeV with a Be target. These data allow one to investigate the use of a reaction mechanism to extend the limits of the chart of nuclides toward the important r-process nuclei in the region of the third peak of elemental abundance distribution.
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Quasielastic scattering angular distributions have been measured for the 7Be + 9Be system at E lab = 17 , 19 and 21MeV in the angular range \( \theta_{{cm}}^{}\) = 24° - 57° . An optical model (OM) analysis of these data has been carried out in order to extract optical potential parameters and reaction cross-sections. One-proton stripping cross-sections were also measured for this system at E lab = 19 and 21MeV. These transfer angular-distribution data were compared with the finite-range distort...
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Fusion excitation functions and angular distributions of evaporation residues (ERs) have been measured for {sup 28}Si+{sup 90,94}Zr systems around the Coulomb barrier using the recoil mass spectrometer, Heavy Ion Reaction Analyzer (HIRA). For both systems, the experimental fusion cross sections are strongly enhanced compared to the predictions of the one-dimensional barrier penetration model (1-d BPM) below the barrier. Coupled channels formalism has been employed to theoretically explain the ob...
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The nuclear structure of neutron-rich N>126 nuclei has been investigated following their production via relativistic projectile fragmentation of a EIA=1 GeV 238 U beam. Metastable states in the N=128 isotones 208 Hg and 209 Tl have been identified. Delayed γ-ray transitions are interpreted as arising from the decay of I π =(8 + ) and 17/2 + ) isomers respectively. The data allow for the so far most comprehensive verification of the shell-model approach in the region determined by magic numbers Z...