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Published on Oct 1, 2016
Kirsten Davis (Virginia Tech), Catherine T. Amelink5
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This paper addresses the question of how undergraduate engineering students view the concept of innovation and their own innovative abilities. The study took a mixed methods approach that included both a survey and focus groups to explore this question. The survey revealed significant differences in how fourth year and first year students rated their innovative thinking skills, where the fourth year students believed themselves to be more innovative. To understand why these differences exist, th...
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Catherine T. Amelink5
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Sharnnia Artis1
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Tsu-Jae King Liu1
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Despite the awareness of the importance of self-efficacy, this concept has been studied in a limited sense among community college students (Collins & Bissell, 2004), but it has been shown to be significantly related to career decisions among enrollees (Kelly & Hatcher, 2013). The literature does not address what types of experiences can improve or enhance self-efficacy among college students as it relates to research and among community college students specifically. This study addresses the ga...
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