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Background In a pilot study, we evaluated the efficacy of two days of oatmeal on insulin resistance and glucose metabolism and found a marked decrease of insulin requirements. The most important shortcoming of that study was that the interventions were not isocaloric (diabetes adapted diet: 1500 kcal/d vs. oatmeal 1100 kcal/d). To address these drawbacks we designed the OatMeal And Insulin Resistance (OMA-IR) study. Methods The study was a randomized, open label crossover dietary intervention st...
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This study assessed if serum carnosinase (CNDP1) activity and concentration in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D) with diabetic nephropathy (DN) differs from those without nephropathy. In a cross-sectional design 127 patients with T2D with DN ((CTG)5 homozygous patients n = 45) and 145 patients with T2D without nephropathy ((CTG)5 homozygous patients n = 47) were recruited. Univariate and multivariate regression analyses were performed to predict factors relevant for serum CNDP1 concen...
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Objective Pituitary apoplexy is a serious medical complication of a pre-existing pituitary adenoma characterized by a variety of clinical symptoms ranging from mild headache to neurologically impaired and finally comatose patients. Management options are surgery or conservative treatment (e. g., with dexamethasone). Surgery is commonly performed in case of severe acute neurological and visual symptoms. However, prospective studies demonstrating a benefit of surgery over conservative treatment in...
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Objective To assess retinopathy and its risk factors in an obesity WHO III cohort. Methods In the Mannheim Obesity Study , 277 subjects with obesity WHO III aged 18–64 years were examined in a cross-sectional approach. Screening for retinopathy was performed using 3-field retinal photography. Endothelial function was assessed using arteriole-to-venule ratio and flicker light analysis. Subjects with and without retinopathy were analysed for anthropometry, metabolic, vascular and renal parameters....
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Considering that the homozygous CNDP1 (CTG)5 genotype affords protection against diabetic nephropathy (DN) in female patients with type 2 diabetes, this study assessed if this association remains gender-specific when applying clinical inclusion criteria (CIC-DN) or biopsy proof (BP-DN). Additionally, it assessed if the prevalence of the protective genotype changes with diabetes duration and time on hemodialysis and if this occurs in association with serum carnosinase (CN-1) activity. Whereas the...
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Resistant hypertension is still a challenge and reserve antihypertensive agents are often necessary to achieve blood pressure control. One reserve antihypertensive is minoxidil, a direct vasodilator that is known for its strong blood pressure–lowering effect, but contemporary studies are sparse. The authors retrospectively analyzed 54 inpatients with uncontrolled hypertension despite the combined use of current antihypertensive agents. To investigate the effect of minoxidil when added to other a...
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