Daniele Castelli
University of Turin
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Marbles from Alpine area have been widely employed to build and decorate masterpieces and buildings which often represent the cultural heritage of an area (statuary, historic buildings and sculptures). Candoglia marble, object of the present research, is one of the most famous and appreciated marbles from Alpine area; it has been quarried since Roman times in the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (VCO; Piemonte—NW Italy) extractive area. Candoglia Marble outcrops are present as lenses within the high-grade p...
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We compare three poorly known, historical Ni–Co-bearing hydrothermal deposits in different geological settings in Italy: The Ni–Co–As–Sb–Au-bearing Arburese vein system (SW Sardinia), the Co–Ni–As-rich Usseglio vein system (Piedmont), and the small Cu–Ag–Co–Ni–Pb–Te–Se stockwork at Piazza (Liguria). These deposits share various (mineralogical, chemical, thermal, and stable isotopic) similarities to the Five Element Vein-type ores but only the first two were economic for Co–Ni. The Sardinian Ni-r...
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In deep and cold subduction such as that experienced by the UHP Units of the Western Alps, carbon dissolution is a relevant mechanism for carbon transfer from the slab into the mantle. The UHP impure Cal-Dol-marbles from the Dora-Maira Massif are studied to investigate the poorly known evolution of dolomite during deep subduction. Dolomite shows four stages of growth, from pre-Alpine to early-retrograde Alpine, coupled with chemical variations and distinct included mineral assemblages. To explai...
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