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Ethnicity impacts Alzheimer9s disease risk, especially among Caribbean-Hispanics. We report the first RNA-sequencing analysis of brain tissue from 45 Alzheimer9s disease and control Caribbean-Hispanics. Data were compared with two independent samples of non-Hispanic Caucasians (total n=729). By identifying and characterizing those genes with ancestry- and region-specific expression patterns in Alzheimer9s disease, we reveal molecular insights that may help explain epidemiological disparities in ...
BACKGROUND: Mental illness affects a significant portion of the worldwide population. Online mental health forums can provide a supportive environment for those afflicted and also generate a large amount of data that can be mined to predict mental health states using machine learning methods. OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to benchmark multiple methods of text feature representation for social media posts and compare their downstream use with automated machine learning (AutoML) tools. We tested on ...
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By engaging angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2 or Ace2), the novel pathogenic SARS-coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) may invade host cells in many organs, including the brain. However, the distribution of ACE2 in the brain is still obscure. Here we investigated the ACE2 expression in the brain by analyzing data from publicly available brain transcriptome databases. According to our spatial distribution analysis, ACE2 was relatively highly expressed in some important brain areas, such as the substant...
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#1Wennie Wu (CAMH: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)
#2Derek Howard (CAMH: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)
Last. Leon French (CAMH: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)H-Index: 14
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Major depressive disorder (MDD) is the most prevalent psychiatric disorder worldwide and affects individuals of all ages. It causes significant psychosocial impairments and is a major cause of disability. A recent consortium study identified 102 genetic variants and 269 genes associated with depression. To provide targets for future depression research, we prioritized these recently identified genes using expression data. We examined differential expression of these genes in three studies that p...
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#2Derek Howard (CAMH: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)
Last. Leon French (CAMH: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)H-Index: 14
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Alzheimer9s disease (AD) starts decades before clinical symptoms appear. Low glucose utilization in regions of the cerebral cortex mark early AD and is informative for clinical diagnosis. To identify these specific regions, we conducted a meta-analysis of positron emission tomography studies that compared AD patients with healthy controls. Using the Allen Human Brain Atlas, we then identified genes with expression patterns associated with this hypometabolism map. Of the six brains in the Atlas, ...
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The insular cortex has been linked to a multitude of functions. In contrast, the nearby claustrum is a densely connected subcortical region with unclear function. To view the insula-claustrum region from the molecular perspective we analyzed the transcriptomic profile of these areas in six adult and four fetal human brains. We identified marker genes with specific expression and performed transcriptome-wide tests for enrichment of biological processes, molecular functions and cellular components...
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Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a highly heritable psychiatric disorder characterized by starvation and emaciation and associated with changes in brain structure. The precise nature of these changes remains unclear, as does their developmental time course and capacity for reversal with weight restoration. In this exploratory neuroimaging study, we sought to characterize changes in white matter microstructure in women with acute and remitted AN. Diffusion-weighted MRI data was collected from underweight...
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