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Resumen Introduccion El riesgo de desarrollar neoplasias colonicas en pacientes acromegalicos y su relacion directa con los niveles elevados de GH/IGF-1 no estan bien establecidos y continuan siendo motivo de controversia en la literatura mundial. El objetivo de este trabajo fue evaluar el riesgo de desarrollar lesiones neoplasicas avanzadas (LNA) (adenomas mayores a 1 cm, componente velloso mayor del 75% y/o displasia de alto grado), en pacientes con acromegalia, comparado con un grupo control....
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Objectives The main purpose of this study was to estimate the incidence rate and prevalence of clinically relevant pituitary adenomas (PAs) within the Hospital Italiano Medical Care Program (HIMCP), a well-defined population of 150,000 members living in the urban and suburban area of the city of Buenos Aires. We defined clinically relevant PAs as those associated with endocrine dysfunction and/or mass effect. Subjects and methods A retrospective open cohort study was conducted, including all mem...
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Objetive The aim was to assess the evolution of tumor size and prolactin (PRL) levels in patients with micro and macroprolactinomas diagnosed and treated with dopamine agonists during fertile age, and the effects of suspension of drugs after menopause. Retrospective study, 29 patients with prolactinomas, 22 microadenomas and 7 macroadenomas, diagnosed during their fertile age were studied in their menopause; treatment was stopped in this period. Age at menopause was 49 ± 3.6 years. The average t...
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IgG4-related hypophysitis is a recently described entity belonging to the group of IgG4-related diseases. Many other organs can also be affected, and it is more common in older men. To date, 32 cases of IgG4-related hypophysitis have been reported in the literature, 11 of which included confirmatory tissue biopsy and the majority affecting multiple organs. The aim of this report is to present two cases of biopsy-proven IgG4-related hypophysitis occurring in two young female patients with no evid...
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Introduccion: El papel estimulante de los estrogenos sobre la secrecion de prolactina y sobre la proliferacion de los lactotropos esta bien establecido. Hay escasa literatura sobre los efectos de la menopausia en pacientes con prolactinomas. Objetivos: Evaluar la evolucion del tamano del tumor y de los niveles plasmaticos de prolactina (PRL) en pacientes con microprolactinomas diagnosticados y tratados con agonistas dopaminergicos (AD) durante su edad fertil y los efectos de la suspension del tr...
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Introduction: The stimulatory role of estrogens on prolactin secretionn and on proliferation of lactotropic cells is well-established. There is scarce literature about the effects of menopause in patients with prolac- tinomas. Objectives: To assess the evolution of tumor size and prolactin (PRL) levels in patients with microprolac- tinomas diagnosed and treated with dopamine agonists bromocriptine (BEC)/cabergoline (CAB) during their fertile age and the effects of discontinuation of those drugs ...
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The term primary empty sella (PES) makes reference to the herniation of the subarachnoid space within the sella turcica in patients with no history of pituitary tumor, surgery or radiotherapy. To retrospectively assess clinical features, radiological findings and the biochemical endocrine function from the records of 175 patients with a diagnosis of PES. One hundred seventy-five patients (150 females) were studied. The mean age at diagnosis was 48.2 ± 14 year. Most diagnoses were made by magneti...
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