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Prenatal cocaine exposure (PCE) has rarely been examined as a predictor of substance use during late adolescence, and few studies have examined both the initiation of substance use and current substance use as outcomes. The present longitudinal study examined PCE, other prenatal exposures, and psychosocial risk factors for their association with substance use in mid to late adolescence. Adolescents (n = 150) followed since birth reported on their use of alcohol, cigarette, and cannabis every 6 m...
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#1Michael Lewis (Cardiff University)H-Index: 80
Abstract Although it remains contentious, women's changeable attraction to masculine faces has been used to inform evolutionary ideas about human mating strategies. Typical experiments in this area use two-alternative-forced-choice (2afc) over a few pairs of similar images. The reliability of these measures is analysed suggesting that many studies have too few trials to be reliable. In the current experiment, fertility shifts in preferences for masculinised faces (and Africanised faces) were exp...
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This paper demonstrates that multilingual denoising pre-training produces significant performance gains across a wide variety of machine translation (MT) tasks. We present mBART -- a sequence-to-sequence denoising auto-encoder pre-trained on large-scale monolingual corpora in many languages using the BART objective. mBART is one of the first methods for pre-training a complete sequence-to-sequence model by denoising full texts in multiple languages, while previous approaches have focused only on...
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Inspired by modular software design principles of independence, interchangeability, and clarity of interface, we introduce a method for enforcing encoder-decoder modularity in seq2seq models without sacrificing the overall model quality or its full differentiability. We discretize the encoder output units into a predefined interpretable vocabulary space using the Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) loss. Our modular systems achieve near SOTA performance on the 300h Switchboard benchmark,...
Nov 3, 2019 in IJCNLP (International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing)
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Gender nonconforming behavior (GNB) is a risk factor for poorer psychological adjustment, but little is known about whether preschool-age children displaying GNB are at risk for depressive symptoms during adolescence. We examined maternal report of GNB at age 4–5 years-old as a predictor of adolescents’ depressive symptoms at age 16–17 years-old in a longitudinal study of U.S. children from a predominantly low SES (61% received Aid to Families with Dependent Children) and African American (90%) ...
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#2Michael Lewis (RU: Rutgers University)H-Index: 80
ABSTRACTResearch over several decades has demonstrated that children’s ability to wait and delay immediate gratification in preschool is related to a multitude of developmental outcomes throughout ...