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#1Bin Fang (UVA: University of Virginia)H-Index: 10
#2Venkataraman Lakshmi (UVA: University of Virginia)H-Index: 2
Last. Pang-Wei Liu (GSFC: Goddard Space Flight Center)H-Index: 1
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Abstract The soil moisture (SM) data retrieved from the Soil Moisture Active and Passive (SMAP) satellite are available at a 9 km grid spacing since April 2015. This product can provide valuable information for research and applications in hydrology and other related fields. However, the resolution may be too coarse for applications at catchment or field scale. In this study, an established downscaling methodology, which has a major modification of applying on the SMAP 33 km domain, is implement...
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#1Eleni Tsalapati (Lboro: Loughborough University)
#1Eleni TsalapatiH-Index: 3
Last. Andrew A. West (Lboro: Loughborough University)H-Index: 17
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Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) are a promising technology for economic and environmentally friendly energy production. However, they haven’t reached their full potential in the market yet as only few reliable PEMFC systems have successfully passed the prototyping face. A drawback of the current diagnostic tools is that only a select few are of high genericity, reliability and can perform efficiently on-line at the same time. Furthermore, there is only limited research identifyin...
#1Tianjie Zhao (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)H-Index: 15
#2Jiancheng Shi (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)H-Index: 35
Last. Liangfu Chen (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)H-Index: 21
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Abstract The Soil Moisture Experiment in the Luan River (SMELR) was conducted from 2017 to 2018 in the semi-arid Luan River watershed located in the North of China. One of the objectives of SMELR is to serve as an assessment tool and demonstration for a new Terrestrial Water Resources Satellite (TWRS) concept with one-dimensional synthetic aperture microwave techniques, for which soil moisture retrieval under variable satellite observing configurations (mainly in terms of incidence angels) is th...
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#1Sabah Sabaghy (Monash University)H-Index: 2
#2Jeffrey P. Walker (Monash University)H-Index: 48
Last. Simon YuehH-Index: 38
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Recent advances in L-band passive microwave remote sensing provide an unprecedented opportunity to monitor soil moisture at ~40 km spatial resolution around the globe. Nevertheless, retrieval of the accurate high spatial resolution soil moisture maps that are required to satisfy hydro-meteorological and agricultural applications remains a challenge. Currently, a variety of downscaling, otherwise known as disaggregation techniques have been proposed as the solution to disaggregate the coarse pass...
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#1Gemma KulkH-Index: 7
#2Trevor PlattH-Index: 30
Last. Marta EstradaH-Index: 42
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Primary production by marine phytoplankton is one of the largest fluxes of carbon on our planet. In the past few decades, considerable progress has been made in estimating global primary production at high spatial and temporal scales by combining in situ measurements of primary production with remote-sensing observations of phytoplankton biomass. One of the major challenges in this approach lies in the assignment of the appropriate model parameters that define the photosynthetic response of phyt...
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#1Andreas Colliander (California Institute of Technology)H-Index: 26
#2Thomas J. Jackson (ARS: Agricultural Research Service)H-Index: 74
Last. Simon Yueh (California Institute of Technology)H-Index: 38
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AbstractSoil moisture retrieval is particularly challenging during and immediately after precipitation events because of the transient movement of water in the shallow subsurface. Conventional L-ba...
#1M. Neelam (GSFC: Goddard Space Flight Center)H-Index: 2
#2Andreas Colliander (California Institute of Technology)H-Index: 26
Last. Thomas J. Jackson (USDA: United States Department of Agriculture)H-Index: 74
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Surface roughness parameterization plays an important role in passive microwave soil moisture (SM) retrieval. This article proposes a new formulation for estimating surface roughness. The proposed model incorporates the field-scale (micro) roughness as well as topographic (macro) roughness. The performance of the model is evaluated by inverting the traditional tau-omega model for retrieving SM. The study focuses on the passive active L-band system (PALS) radiometer data collected as a part of tw...
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#1Suzanne ElayanH-Index: 3
#2Martin D. SykoraH-Index: 8
Last. Thomas JacksonH-Index: 16
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Last. Thomas J. JacksonH-Index: 74
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