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The nuclear family is both crucible and product of capitalism and modernity, carried forth and modified across generations through ordinary communicative and other social practices. Focusing on postindustrial middle-class families, this review analyzes key discursive practices that promote “the entrepreneurial child” who can display creative language and problem-solving skills requisite to enter the globalized knowledge class as adults. It also considers how the entrepreneurial thrust, including...
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Ethnographic video recordings of high functioning children with autism or Aspergers Syndrome in everyday social encounters evidence their first person perspectives. High quality visual and audio data allow detailed analysis of children’s bodies and talk as loci of reflexivity. Corporeal reflexivity involves displays of awareness of one’s body as an experiencing subject and a physical object accessible to the gaze of others. Gaze, demeanor, actions, and sotto voce commentaries on unfolding situat...
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This Forum provides a range of voices on the Language Gap, as our aim is to shed light on the need for more critical dialogue to accompany the proliferation of political initiatives, policymaking, educational programs, and media coverage. We highlight some relevant background on the Language Gap and describe some of the research used to support the concept. The diverse slate of Forum contributions that we have assembled approach the Language Gap topic from a range of linguistic anthropological p...
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Cet article tente de degager les principales caracteristiques des recits oraux d’experience personnelle. Ceux-ci sont concus a la fois comme un genre de discours, un mode de cognition, et une activite sociale. Apres avoir delimite cinq dimensions communes a tout recit oral, l’auteur propose un nouveau cadre d’analyse conversationnelle distinguant entre une « Pratique narrative 1 », qui correspond aux recits monologaux d’experiences hautement racontables, et la « Pratique narrative 2 », correspon...
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List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Note to the Reader Introduction Elinor Ochs and Tamar Kremer-Sadlik 1. Coming Home Elinor Ochs and Belinda Campos 2. At Home Anthony P. Graesch 3. Dinner Elinor Ochs and Margaret Beck 4. Mountains of Things Jeanne E. Arnold 5. Housework Wendy Klein, Carolina Izquierdo, and Thomas N. Bradbury 000 6. Chores Wendy Klein and Marjorie Harness Goodwin 7. Homework and Recreation Tamar Kremer-Sadlik and Kris Gutierrez 8. Nurturing Marjorie Harness Goodwin and Charle...
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What is the emotional valence of family life and what factors contribute to this valence? Researchindicates that most people are mildly happy but also that the years devoted to raising children areassociated with diminished happiness and well-being, particularly for mothers. Public discourse isincreasingly concerned that parenthood does not make us happy, but little empirical work has actuallystudied the emotional valence of family life. We addressed this gap in the literature with an intensivee...
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