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The effectiveness in the absorption of funds is a permanent challenge for EU member states, and therefore, the analysis of the absorption capacity is needed. The present paper deals with the dimension of the absorption of EU resources and focus on an aspect that has been widely forgotten so far in previous literature: the regional variation in the absorption of the structural funds. Bases on EU regional aggregate data on funds allocation and payments provided by the European Commission for the O...
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Does the perception of the EU vary across countries and regions? To what extent has the support for European integration and citizens’ attitudes towards the EU in regions with different socio-economic contexts evolved? Are they affected by the Cohesion Policy? More specifically, does the perception of the EU vary with the intensity of the policy in the region and with the effectiveness in which the funds allocated are finally spent? Is there a relationship between the deviation in funds’ allocat...
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This paper aims to analyse cooperation in R&D in the automobile industry in Spain. It first examines to what extent firms cooperate with external actors in the field of technological innovation, and if so, with what type of cooperation partner, paying special attention to the differentiation according to the size of the firms. Second, it aims to study how the firm’s size may affect not only the decision of cooperating but also with which type of partner, while controlling for other determinants ...
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#1Rosina MorenoH-Index: 9
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The purpose of this paper is to assess the extent to which regions’ absorptive capacity determines knowledge flows’ impact on regional innovation intensity. In particular, it looks at the role of the cross-regional co-patenting and mobility of inventors in fostering innovation, and how regions with large absorptive capacity make the most of these two phenomena. The paper uses a panel of 274 regions over 8 years to estimate a regional knowledge production function with fixed-effects. Network and ...
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#1Ernest Miguelez (World Intellectual Property Organization)H-Index: 17
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The aim of the present paper is to identify the determinants of the geographical mobility of skilled individuals, such as inventors, across European regions. Their mobility contributes to the geographical diffusion of knowledge and reshapes the geography of talent. We test whether geography, amenities, job opportunities and social proximity between inventors’ communities, and the so-called National System of Innovation, drive in- and out-flows of inventors between pairs of regions. We use a cont...
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