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Current knowledge on the partial replacement of palm olein with olive oil on fat deposition is inadequate, thus leading to our interest to unveil the effects of palm olein on fat deposition by using mouse model. Our findings revealed that the normalized subcutaneous adipose tissues weight, liver weight and body weight gain of mice fed with either palm olein or the blends were remarkably lower than the mice fed with olive oil. The weight of subcutaneous adipose tissues of mice fed with palm olein...
#1Soek Sin Teh (Malaysian Palm Oil Board)H-Index: 2
Last.Siau Hui Mah (Taylors University)H-Index: 10
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Saturated fats are commonly claimed to raise human blood cholesterols and contribute to cardiovascular disease. Previous literature data were highlighted that although palm oil is 50% saturated, it does not behave like a saturated fat. Human trials were conducted to compare the effects on serum cholesterol levels given by palm olein and monounsaturated oils. It was postulated that saturation/unsaturation of the fatty acids situated at sn-2 positions of triglycerides in the fat molecules determin...
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The palm oil milling process produces excessive amount of palm oil mill effluent (POME). Conventionally, POME is treated anaerobically to remove organic pollutant which produces biogas. Ideally, biogas is recovered to reduce the carbon footprint of palm oil production. However, more often than not the biogas is released freely to the atmosphere as a potent greenhouse gas (GHG). This paper demonstrates the Malaysia’s experiences and endeavors in biogas capture and utilization under the Economic T...
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Although numerous studies have shown the adverse effects of oxidized biodiesel and/or higher total acid number (TAN) and water content in biodiesel fuel on the degradation of fuel delivery materials, limited work has been reported to date to ascertain the presence of these factors under actual engine operation. Therefore, the aim here is to determine if these factors exist under common rail diesel engine (CRDE) operation. For this, an engine test-bed comprising a Toyota 1KD-FTV engine coupled to...
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#1Davannendran Chandran (University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus)H-Index: 5
#2Hoon Kiat Ng (University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus)H-Index: 28
Last.Yuen May Choo (Malaysian Palm Oil Board)H-Index: 12
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Abstract The aim of this work was to investigate the compatibility of fuel delivery materials with palm biodiesel fuel under novel immersion method which simulated diesel engine operation. For this, a two-stage investigation was conducted. In the first stage, the effects of biodiesel dissolved oxygen concentration and conductivity value on fuel delivery materials degradation under standard immersion were determined as a baseline study. In the second stage, modified immersion investigations which...
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Deep eutectic solvents are emerging green solvents that have potential in many separation processes. This study investigates the performance of choline-based deep eutectic solvents in the extraction of tocopherols and tocotrienols (collectively known as tocols) from palm oil, a major natural source of tocols. Deep eutectic solvents comprised of choline chloride salt and selected carboxylic acids as hydrogen bond donors were prepared and used in the extraction of tocols from crude palm oil by liq...
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In the present study, tocotrienol rich fraction (TRF) nanoemulsions were produced as an alternative approach to improve solubility and absorption of tocotrienols. In the present study, droplet size obtained after 10 cycles of homogenization with increasing pressure was found to decrease from 120 to 65.1 nm. Nanoemulsions stabilized with Tween series alone or emulsifier blend Brij 35:Span 80 (0.6:0.4 w/w) homogenized at 25,000 psi and 10 cycles, produced droplet size less than 100 nm and a narrow...
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The mechanistic modeling of biodiesel production process in membrane reactor with the consideration of chemical reaction, phase equilibrium, and ultrafiltration is important for the membrane reactor design. In part II of this work, the chemical and phase equilibrium (CPE) model for crude palm oil transesterification reaction in the membrane reactor developed in part I is extended to an integration of CPE with modified Maxwell–Stefan model, which considers multicomponent mass transport phenomena ...
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