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Background Some phthalates are endocrine disrupting chemicals used as plasticizers in consumer products, and have been associated with obesity in cross-sectional studies, yet prospective evaluations of weight change are lacking. Our objective was to evaluate associations between phthalate biomarker concentrations and weight and weight change among postmenopausal women.
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Relations of DNA methylation markers to other biological aging markers and to psychosocial, behavioral, and health measures remain unclear. The sample included 23 participants (n = 11 cases with psychiatric diagnoses and n = 12 controls without current or lifetime psychiatric disorder), balanced by age and sex. Genomic DNA was extracted from blood samples; the following were performed: genome-wide DNA methylation assay using Illumina 850k methylationEPIC; PCR assays for relative telomere length ...
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Abstract Objective To examine associations of parental ages at childbirth with healthy survival to age 90 years among older women. Study Design This study included a racially and ethnically diverse sub-cohort of 8,983 postmenopausal women from the larger Women’s Health Initiative population, recruited during 1993–1998 and followed for up to 25 years through 2018. Main Outcome Measures The outcome was categorized as: 1) healthy survival, defined as survival to age 90 without major morbidities (co...
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Abstract Background Fruit and vegetable (FV) intake is recommended for the prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD). FVs are also an important source of exposure to pesticide residues. Whether the relations of FV intake with CHD differ according to pesticide residue status is unknown. Objective To examine the associations of high- and low-pesticide-residue FVs with the risk of CHD. Methods We followed 145,789 women and 24,353 men free of cardiovascular disease and cancer (excluding non-melanom...
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Purpose of reviewThe role of vitamin D supplementation for prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) outcomes has been rigorously studied only recently. This review briefly summarizes results from recent randomized controlled trials in the context of prior laboratory and epidemiologic data.Recent f
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Purpose Menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) use induces alterations in circulating estrogens/estrogen metabolites, which may contribute to the altered risk of reproductive tract cancers among current users. Thus, the current study assessed associations between circulating estrogens/estrogen metabolites and ovarian and endometrial cancer risk among MHT users.
Changes in pituitary-ovarian hormones across the menopausal transition have multiple physiological consequences. However, little is known about how the major types of post-menopausal hormone therap...
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