Stephan R. Rieder
ETH Zurich
Environmental chemistrySoil waterChemistryMercury (element)Botany
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The applicability of the dynamic soil model CHUM-AM was tested to simulate concentrations of Cd, Pb and Hg in five Swiss forest soils. Soil cores of up to 50 cm depth were sampled and separated int ...
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Abstract This study evaluates the response of the bacterial communities to different mercury (Hg) amendments in temperate forest soils. Seven soils were spiked with increasing amounts of Hg [(0, 0.032, 0.32, 3.2 and 32 μg Hg(II) g −1 dry soil]. After 30 days, we examined the bioavailable Hg using bacterial biosenors ( mer-lux ), basal respiration, bacterial community structures and identified indicator OTUs which were responsive to Hg. In soils treated with at least 3.2 μg Hg g −1 dry soil, resu...
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Abstract Monomethyl-mercury is one of the most toxic compounds. Methylation of Hg usually appears under anoxic conditions. In Swiss forest soils, methyl-Hg concentrations of up to 3 μg kg −1 soil dw have been observed, but the impact of methyl-Hg on soil microorganisms have rarely been examined so far. In this study, we investigated the effect of increasing concentrations of methyl-Hg (0, 5, 20, 90 μg kg −1 soil dw) on the microbial communities in various forest soils differing in their physico-...
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#1Stephan R. Rieder (ETH Zurich)H-Index: 5
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Methylmercury compounds are very toxic for most organisms. Here, we investigated the potential of earthworms to methylate inorganic-Hg. We hypothesized that the anaerobic and nutrient-rich conditions in the digestive tracts of earthworm's promote the methylation of Hg through the action of their gut bacteria. Earthworms were either grown in sterile soils treated with an inorganic (HgCl2) or organic (CH3HgCl) Hg source, or were left untreated. After 30 days of incubation, the total-Hg and methyl-...
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#1Stephan R. Rieder (ETH Zurich)H-Index: 5
#2Ivano BrunnerH-Index: 33
Last. Beat FreyH-Index: 39
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Abstract Accumulation of total and methyl-Hg by mushrooms and earthworms was studied in thirty-four natural forest soils strongly varying in soil physico-chemical characteristics. Tissue Hg concentrations of both receptors did hardly correlate with Hg concentrations in soil. Both total and methyl-Hg concentrations in tissues were species-specific and dependent on the ecological groups of receptor. Methyl-Hg was low accounting for less than 5 and 8% of total Hg in tissues of mushrooms and earthwo...
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