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Kratak sadr`aj: Mnoga epidemiolo{ka istra`ivanja su po ka zala da umereno konzumiranje alkohola produ`ava o~e kivani `ivotni vek tako {to smanjuje rizik od izvesnih bolesti. Pomenuti smanjeni rizik najva`niji je kod koronarne sr~ane bolesti i ishemijskog mo`danog udara, koje izaziva ate ro sklerotska vaskularna bolest. Postoje tvrdnje da takvi efekti zavise od vrste pi}a, kao i da crno vino ima najmo } nije dejstvo. Ovaj pregled ispita}e relativni doprinos etanola i polifenolskih antioksidanata ...
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On 29, June 2006, Arthur Ralph Henderson, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario, succumbed to complications of diabetes mellitus, leaving behind his wife Carol, daughter Sarah, son David, and many friends by whom he will be sorely missed. Known to most by his middle name, Ralph embarked on an academic career in his native city, Glasgow, after serving 4 years in the British Merchant Navy, an apprenticeship that doubtless accounted for the nautical gait that forme...
In little more than a decade, resveratrol has advanced from an obscure constituent of Oriental folk medicine to a wonder drug that, according to the authors of the 27 chapters in this volume, inhibits carcinogenesis as well as actual tumors; protects against cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and anti-inflammatory diseases as well as radiation damage; and displays antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. These beneficial effects are apparently mediated through modulation of gene ex...
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A published scientific paper is the end-result of a complex interaction between authors, referees, editors and publishers. Each brings to the process a different agenda, and a widely disparate adherence to standards of competence and integrity. Recent internationally recognized instances of major scientific fraud represent the tip of a potentially large iceberg formed as a consequence of the ineptness or delinquency of one or other elements in the chain of surveillance designed to exercise contr...
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