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Enthusiasm for replacing the didactic authoritarian pedagogue with the learning facilitator has seemed to call into question the role of the teacher as subject expert. Yet students need an insider's expertise to support them in gaining access to the academic discourses they seek to become conversant with. The teacher, as subject expert, has three key roles to play in enabling learning: lending the capacity to participate in meaning, designing well planned excursions into unfamiliar discursive te...
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Higher education has faced profound teaching challenges in recent times, as it has delivered a widening range of courses to students of increasingly diverse backgrounds, expectations and levels of preparedness. These challenges call for a more radical shift in teaching than simply incorporating remedial support within existing teaching programmes. This paper argues that neither traditional 'knowledge delivery' models of teaching, nor a purely 'student-centred' approach, adequately addresses the ...
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Abstract Improving students' studying often consists of giving advice or training in new techniques. This directive approach tends to embody conceptions of learning which are far removed from what students are willing or able to take on, and can misorient students towards inappropriate goals and interfere with natural abilities to learn. It is often claimed that this kind of approach is rooted in the psychology of learning, though its experimental basis renders its relevance to academic study do...
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