Christine Marie Ladd-Acosta
Johns Hopkins University
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OBJECTIVE Maternal gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) has been associated with adverse outcomes in the offspring. Growing evidence suggests that the epigenome may play a role, but most previous studies have been small and adjusted for few covariates. The current study meta-analyzed the association between maternal GDM and cord blood DNA methylation in the Pregnancy and Childhood Epigenetics (PACE) consortium. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Seven pregnancy cohorts (3,677 mother-newborn pairs [317 w...
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Abstract Background Prenatal air pollution exposure has been linked to many adverse health conditions in the offspring. However, little is known about the mechanisms underlying these associations. Epigenetics may be one plausible biologic link. Here, we sought to identify site-specific and global DNA methylation (DNAm) changes, in developmentally relevant tissues, associated with prenatal exposure to nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) and ozone (O 3 ). Additionally, we assessed whether sex-specific change...
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There is great interest in the role epigenetic variation induced by non-genetic exposures may play in the context of health and disease. In particular, DNA methylation has previously been shown to be highly dynamic during the earliest stages of development and is influenced by in utero exposures such as maternal smoking and medication. In this study we sought to identify the specific DNA methylation differences in blood associated with prenatal and birth factors, including birth weight, gestatio...
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Purpose of Review This review demonstrates the growing body of evidence connecting DNA methylation to prior exposure. It highlights the potential to use DNA methylation patterns as a feasible, stable, and accurate biomarker of past exposure, opening new opportunities for environmental and gene-environment interaction studies among existing banked samples.
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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects more than 1% of children in the United States. ASD risk is thought to arise from a combination of genetic and environmental factors, with the perinatal period as a critical window. Understanding early transcriptional changes in ASD would assist in clarifying disease pathogenesis and identifying biomarkers and treatments. However, little is known about umbilical cord blood gene expression profiles in babies later diagnos...