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Abstract. Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is a global hotspot for aerosol emissions, affecting regional environmental sustainability. In this paper we use atmospheric observations to address one of the major uncertainties of the, e.g., climate and health impact of SSA aerosols: the quantitative contributions from different emissions sources. Ambient fine fraction aerosol (PM2.5) were collected on filters at the high altitude (2590 m a.s.l.) Rwanda Climate Observatory (RCO), an SSA background site, duri...
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Abstract In this study, we estimated the contribution of black carbon (BC) and brown carbon (BrC) to aerosol light absorption from surface in-situ and aerosol robotic network (AERONET) columnar observations. The mass absorption cross-section (MAC) of BC ( MAC BC ) was estimated to be 6.4 ± 1.5 m2 g−1 at 565 nm from in-situ aerosol measurements at Gosan Climate Observatory (GCO), Korea, in January 2014, which was lower than those observed in polluted urban areas. A BrC MAC of 0.62 ± 0.06 m2 g−1 (...
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DN DEBATT 15/3. Sedan industrialiseringens borjan har vi anvant omkring fyra femtedelar av den mangd fossilt kol som far forbrannas for att vi ska klara Parisavtalet. Vi har bara en femtedel kvar och det ar brattom att kraftigt reducera utslappen. Det har Greta Thunberg och de strejkande ungdomarna forstatt. Darfor stodjer vi deras krav, skriver 270 klimatforskare.
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South Asian megacities are strong sources of regional air pollution. Delhi is a key hotspot of health- and climate-impacting black carbon (BC) emissions, affecting environmental sustainability in densely populated northern India. Effective mitigation of BC impact is hampered by highly uncertain emission source estimates. Here, we use dual-carbon isotope fingerprints (δ13C/∆14C) of BC to constrain the seasonal source variability in Delhi. These measurements show that lower BC concentrations in su...
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Abstract Regional haze over China has severe implications for air quality and regional climate. To effectively combat these effects the high uncertainties regarding the emissions from different sources needs to be reduced. In this paper, which is the third in a series on the sources of PM2.5 in pollution hotspot regions of China, we focus on the sources of black carbon aerosols (BC), using carbon isotope signatures. Four-season samples were collected at two key locations: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (...
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