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Abstract Objective There are few data to guide management of agitated and aggressive psychiatrically hospitalized children. Available studies do not account for setting, age, sex, diagnosis, admission reason, or clinical intervention. Seclusion, restraint and physical holds (S/R/H) are usually the only outcome measure. In this study we examine changes in PRN (pro re nata, or ‘as needed’) psychotropic medication use to manage severe aggression on a children’s psychiatric inpatient unit, comparing...
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Published on Jul 3, 2019in Journal of Psychophysiology1.00
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Abstract. There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of research studies employing event-related potential (ERP) techniques to examine dynamic and rapidly occurring neural processes wit...
Published on Jun 26, 2019in The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
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Published on Jun 1, 2019in Brain Behavior and Immunity6.17
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Abstract Salivary markers of immune function are increasingly commonly used in studies of human health. Yet, few studies have examined the short-term or long-term reliability or stability of these biomarkers, making their measurement properties unclear. We addressed this issue in the present study by collecting two saliva samples, two hours apart, from 426 adolescent girls during a baseline laboratory visit. Then, eighteen months later, we collected the same samples again from a subset of these ...
Published on May 11, 2019in Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology3.41
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Thomas M. Olino31
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Previous studies of the relationship between temperament and psychopathology have been limited by focusing on main effects of temperament on psychopathology, reliance solely on maternal reports of child temperament, and predominately using cross-sectional designs. This study extended this work by focusing on interactions between reactive (positive emotionality/PE; negative emotionality/NE) and regulatory (effortful control) dimensions of temperament, using laboratory observations of temperament,...