Daniel N. Klein
Stony Brook University
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Hierarchical dimensional systems of psychopathology promise more informative descriptions for understanding risk and predicting outcome than traditional diagnostic systems, but it is unclear how many major dimensions they should include. We delineated the hierarchy of childhood and adult psychopathology and validated it against clinically relevant measures. Participants were 9987 9- and 10-year-old children and their parents from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study. Factor an...
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Previous studies of the relationship between temperament and psychopathology have been limited by focusing on main effects of temperament on psychopathology, reliance solely on maternal reports of child temperament, and predominately using cross-sectional designs. This study extended this work by focusing on interactions between reactive (positive emotionality/PE; negative emotionality/NE) and regulatory (effortful control) dimensions of temperament, using laboratory observations of temperament,...
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Abstract Background Evidence supports the notion that early-life stress and trauma impact cortical development and increase vulnerability to depression. However, it remains unclear whether common stressful life events in community-dwelling adolescents have similar consequences for cortical development. Methods A total of 232 adolescent girls (mean age 15.29 ± 0.65 years) were assessed with the Stressful Life Events Schedule (a semistructured interview of stressors in the previous 9 months) and u...
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Abstract Salivary markers of immune function are increasingly commonly used in studies of human health. Yet, few studies have examined the short-term or long-term reliability or stability of these biomarkers, making their measurement properties unclear. We addressed this issue in the present study by collecting two saliva samples, two hours apart, from 426 adolescent girls during a baseline laboratory visit. Then, eighteen months later, we collected the same samples again from a subset of these ...