Jaime Miranda
University of Chile
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This article explores new mechanisms through which countries can improve their connection with global innovation networks, beyond the traditional mechanisms to absorb foreign technology such as international trade and foreign direct investment. Through the case study of Chile, we discuss new opportunities and challenges associated with the development of public policies specifically designed to attract foreign entrepreneurs and international universities. This study contributes to expanding the ...
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#2Jaime Miranda (University of Chile)H-Index: 8
Last.Catalina de la Sotta (University of Chile)H-Index: 3
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Abstract Safety Science was established in 1976 as the Journal of Occupational Accidents. Safety Science was established with the vision of promoting multidisciplinary research in the science and technology of human and industrial safety and serving as a guide for the safety of people at work and in other spheres, such as transportation, energy or infrastructure, as well as in every other field of hazardous human activities. To celebrate 40 years of publishing outstanding research, this study in...
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Descriptions of Chief Information Officer (CIO) profiles reveal challenges posed by the evolution of information systems and technologies demanding a variety of abilities and skills to meet business strategies and objectives. However, there is a perceived misalignment between the supply of and demand for different CIO profiles. By applying semisupervised segmentation techniques to a sample of individuals hired as CIOs, this article documents the mismatch and gap between supply and demand and int...
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#2Jaime Miranda (University of Chile)H-Index: 8
Student attrition is a voluntary/involuntary failure or early dropout to complete a program in which an individual enrolled. For voluntary desertions, detection is more complex due to a variety of factors related to the program and individual context. National academics have complained of a research shortage about desertion student investigations in the Chilean context. We applied data-mining techniques in order to reduce lack of studies and identify key factors and predict desertions for first ...
#1Jaime Miranda (University of Chile)H-Index: 8
#2Pablo A. ReyH-Index: 5
Last.Richard Weber (University of Chile)H-Index: 24
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The authors describe a simulation-optimization method for determining shift schedules for fare collectors in a subway network. They use an integer programming model to generate shift schedules and ...
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#2José M. Merigó (University of Chile)H-Index: 43
Last.Jaime Miranda (University of Chile)H-Index: 8
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Abstract In this work, the classical soft-margin Support Vector Machine (SVM) formulation is redefined with the inclusion of an Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA) operator. In particular, the hinge loss function is rewritten as a weighted sum of the slack variables to guarantee adequate model fit. The proposed two-step approach trains a soft-margin SVM first to obtain the slack variables, which are then used to induce the order for the OWA operator in a second SVM training. Originally developed as...
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#1Alejandro Cataldo (UC: Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)H-Index: 3
#2Juan-Carlos Ferrer (UC: Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)H-Index: 8
Last.Antoine Sauré (UBC: University of British Columbia)H-Index: 6
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The examination timetabling problem (ETTP) consists in the assignment of specific dates to the exams of a set of courses assuming that the course enrollments are known. This problem is also known as post-enrollment ETTP. In this paper, we describe and solve a variant of the ETTP which has two particularities: (1) it does not assume the course enrollments as known and uses the curriculum of the degree program to evaluate potential conflicts in the exam schedules, and (2) it considers the exams an...
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#1Sigifredo Laengle (University of Chile)H-Index: 6
#2José M. Merigó (University of Chile)H-Index: 43
Last.Ruud H. Teunter (UG: University of Groningen)H-Index: 40
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The European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR) published its first issue in 1977. This paper presents a general overview of the journal over its lifetime by using bibliometric indicators. We discuss its performance compared to other journals in the field and identify key contributing countries/institutions/authors as well as trends in research topics based on the Web of Science Core Collection database. The results indicate that EJOR is one of the leading journals in the area of operational...
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#2Guillermo Durain (UBA: University of Buenos Aires)H-Index: 14
Last.Gonzalo Zamorano (University of Chile)H-Index: 2
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For the past 12 years, the Chilean Professional Soccer Association ANFP has applied operations research OR techniques to schedule soccer leagues in Chile. Using integer programming-based methods, the ANFP decides which matches are played in each round, taking into account various objectives, such as holding down costs and ensuring engaging tournaments for the fans. It has scheduled more than 50 tournaments using this approach, resulting in an estimated direct economic impact of about $59 million...
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