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Treatment-related cardiotoxicity remains a significant concern for breast cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment and extends into the survivorship period, with adverse cardiovascular (CV) outcomes further compounded by the presence of pre-existing CV disease or traditional CV risk factors. Awareness of the cardiotoxicity profiles of contemporary breast cancer treatments and optimization of CV risk factors are crucial in mitigating cardiotoxicity risk. Assessment of patient- and treatment-sp...
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Purpose HER2-targeted therapies have substantially improved the outcome of patients with breast cancer, however, they can be associated with cardiac toxicity. Guidelines recommend holding HER2-targeted therapies until resolution of cardiac dysfunction. SAFE-HEaRt is the first trial that prospectively tests whether these therapies can be safely administered without interruptions in patients with cardiac dysfunction.
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541Background: Breast cancer therapy causes marked impairments in CV function predisposing to elevated risk of CV morbidity. We investigated the effects of two AT dosing regimens on CV function in ...
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Purpose Asymptomatic decline in left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) or heart failure (HF) occurs in up to 25% of patients treated with trastuzumab and can result in incomplete breast cancer therapy. The cardiac safety of continuing trastuzumab in patients with asymptomatic LVEF decline is unknown. We report the cardiac outcomes of patients treated with trastuzumab after a significant asymptomatic LVEF decline.
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Background Radiation therapy (RT)-induced cardiotoxicity is among the concerning sequelae of breast cancer (BCA) treatment, particularly in HER2-positive BCA patients who receive anthracyclines and trastuzumab-based therapy. The aim of this study was to assess for early RT-induced changes in echocardiographic and circulating biomarkers of left ventricular (LV) function and evaluate their association with radiation dose to the heart among patients with HER2-positive BCA treated with contemporary ...
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Abstract Introduction Copanlisib is a phosphoinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) inhibitor approved for the third-line treatment of follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Although the drug is generally well-tolerated, it can be associated with several unique and potentially serious adverse effects (AEs). Two of the most common toxicities not seen with other PI3K inhibitors include hyperglycemia and hypertension, which primarily occur during infusion and resolve shortly thereafter, and likely relate to targeting ...
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