Sean Pyne-O'Donnell
Nanyang Technological University
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A widespread platinum (Pt) anomaly was recently documented in Greenland ice and 11 North American sedimentary sequences at the onset of the Younger Dryas (YD) event (~12,800 cal yr BP), consistent with the YD Impact Hypothesis. We report high-resolution analyses of a 1-meter section of a lake core from White Pond, South Carolina, USA. After developing a Bayesian age-depth model that brackets the late Pleistocene through early Holocene, we analyzed and quantified the following: (1) Pt and palladi...
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We present a multi-proxy study of environmental conditions during and after the recessional phases of pro-glacial Lake Algonquin in the vicinity of the North Bay outlet, Great Lakes Basin. Data presented comes from a new sedimentary profile obtained from the Balsam Creek kettle lake c. 34 km north-east of the city of North Bay. This site lies close to the north-east margin of the maximum extent of the post-Algonquin lake sequence, which drained through the Ottawa-Mattawa valley system. Our data ...
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Last.Duane G. Froese (U of A: University of Alberta)H-Index: 38
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Abstract The ‘Lateglacial’ period (∼14.7–11.7 cal ka BP) eruptions of Mount St Helens and Glacier Peak in the Cascade Range deposited ash layers (tephras) within a short time span across much of western North America where they form event-stratigraphic marker layers or isochrons. They were deposited at a time which has long been of interest because it represents the transition between two fundamental states of the climate system: the late Pleistocene glacial world when ice sheets were widespread...
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Abstract Holocene cryptotephras of Alaskan and Pacific Northwestern origin have recently been detected ca. 7000 km away on the east coast of North America. This study extends the emerging North American tephrochronological framework by geochemically characterising seventeen cryptotephra layers from four newly explored peatlands. All detected tephras were deposited during the late Holocene, with no horizons present in the peat between ca. 3000–5000 years ago. The prevalence of the Alaskan White R...
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The Norse/Viking occupation of Greenland is part of a dispersal of communities across the North Atlantic coincident with the supposed Medieval Warm Period of the late 1st millennium AD. The abandonment of the Greenland settlements has been linked to climatic deterioration in the Little Ice Age as well as other possible explanations. There are significant dating uncertainties over the time of European abandonment of Greenland and the potential influence of climatic deterioration. Dating issues la...
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#1Sean Pyne-O'Donnell ('QUB': Queen's University Belfast)H-Index: 11
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