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Abstract Objectives Astronauts must adapt behaviors to changing affordances (action possibilities) when exposed to operational stressors such as sleep deprivation. The inability to correctly perceive affordances may cause astronauts to attempt behaviors that place them at greater risk. This study investigated the effects of sleep deprivation on affordance perception performance during 30-day NASA Human Exploration Research Analog missions. Methods Sixteen participants completed a perception-acti...
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Abstract Extracellular vesicles comprise two main classes - exosomes and shed microvesicles (sMVs). Whilst much is known about exosome cargo content and functionality, sMVs are poorly understood. Here, we describe the large-scale purification of sMVs released from primary (SW480) and metastatic (SW620) human isogenic colorectal cancer (CRC) cell lines using a combination of differential ultracentrifugation and isopycnic iodixanol density centrifugation. The yield of SW480-sMVs and SW620-sMVs was...
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Remodelling of the immune system with age — immunosenescence — is a substantial contributor to poor health in older adults, with increasing risk of infections, cancer and chronic inflammatory disease contributing to age-related multi-morbidity. What is seldom considered when examining the immune response of an aged individual is that the immune system is profoundly influenced by physical activity. Habitual physical activity levels decline with age, with significant consequences for muscle mass a...
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Abstract Although human psychological risks gravely threaten the safety and success of future Mars missions, current knowledge of the mental health problems most likely to manifest during long duration space exploration (LDSE) is surprisingly inadequate. Previous research conducted during spaceflight and in analog settings has produced discrepant, sometimes contradictory findings and relied on measures that have not been validated for use in extreme environments, where the number, intensity, and...