Shuichi Mitsunaga
Okayama University
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Most advanced elderly cancer patients experience fatigue, anorexia, and declining physical function due to cancer cachexia, for which effective interventions have not been established. We performed a phase I study of a new nonpharmacological multimodal intervention called the nutritional and exercise treatment for advanced cancer (NEXTAC) program and reported the excellent feasibility of and compliance with this program in elderly patients with advanced cancer who were at risk for cancer cachexi...
The prevalence of germline mutations in patients with biliary tract carcinoma (BTC) remains unclear. Here, we investigated the prevalence and types of germline mutations in patients with BTC. We reviewed 269 patients with pathologically proven BTC and collected clinical characteristics, including medical and family histories. Additionally, we evaluated germline variants in 21 genes associated with hereditary predisposition for cancer by targeted sequencing in patients meeting ≥1 of the following...
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Abstract Introduction The objective of this research was to elucidate the impact on the prognosis, including the survival prognosis, of proton beam irradiation of an anatomical subsegment of the liver (ASPT) for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Methods and Materials A total of 110 patients who were diagnosed with HCC were analyzed in this retrospective study. Definitive proton beam therapy was delivered at a dose of 76 Gy [Relative biological effectiveness] in 20 fractions betwee...
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e15718Background: The diagnostic value of serum microRNAs (miRNA) in a highly sensitive microarray for pancreatobiliary cancer (PBca) has been demonstrated. This study attempted to build and valida...