Nina Cedergreen
University of Copenhagen
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Abstract The fungicide imazalil is a chiral compound with one R - and one S -enantiomer. Enantiomers, while having the same chemical properties, can differ in their biological activity expressed as efficacy/toxicity as well as in their degradation kinetics and pathways. Azoles such as imazalil have been shown to synergize the effect of pyrethroid insecticides like α-cypermethrin through inhibition of cytochrome P450 monooxygenase responsible for pyrethroid detoxification. The aim of this study w...
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#2Nina Cedergreen (UCPH: University of Copenhagen)H-Index: 31
Abstract The ability of azole fungicides to inhibit cytochrome P450 dependent metabolism is proposed to be the main mechanism for their synergizing effect on pyrethroid insecticide toxicity in aquatic invertebrates. This study investigates the correlation between inhibition strength and synergistic potential of azole fungicides in the crustacean Daphnia magna and the insect larvae Chironomus riparius . Inhibition strength was measured in vivo toward the cytochrome P450 catalysed conversion of 7-...
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Saponins form a group of plant-produced glycosides with potential as biopesticide ingredients. The environmental fate of saponins has never been fully investigated. In the present study, we use QS-18, a specific saponin from Quillaja saponaria as an example, to quantify hydrolysis under different conditions of pH, temperature and water chemical composition. Saponin hydrolysis in buffer solutions was base-catalyzed and followed first-order kinetics. Thus, hydrolysis was slow at pH 5.1 with a half...
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Determining whether the structural and functional stress responses of communities are similar across space and time is paramount for forecasting and extrapolating the consequences of anthropogenic pressures on ecosystems and their services. Stream ecosystems are under high anthropogenic pressure; however, studies have only examined the response of stream communities across large scales over multiple generations. We studied the responses of leaf-associated microbial communities in streams within ...
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Abstract The toxicity of the antifouling compounds diuron, irgarol, zinc pyrithione (ZnPT), copper pyrithione (CuPT) and copper was tested on the three marine microalgae Tisochrysis lutea , Skeletonema marinoi and Tetraselmis suecica . Toxicity tests based on the inhibition of growth rate after 96-h exposure were run using microplates. Chemical analyses were performed to validate the exposure concentrations and the stability of the compounds under test conditions. Single chemicals exhibited vary...