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The World One Health Congresses are biennial gatherings of approximately 1500 professionals from relevant international organisations, OIE, FAO, WHO, World Bank, leading scientific experts and researchers in the field of One Health, animal production and trade, food safety, animal health, human health and environmentology/ecology, government representatives in public health, human health, food safety, environmental health and global health security. The Congress is organized by the One Health Pl...
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Persistent and durable immunological memory forms the basis of any successful vaccination protocol. Generation of pre-existing memory B cell and T cell pools is thus the key for maintaining protective immunity to seasonal, pandemic and avian influenza viruses. Long-lived antibody secreting cells (ASCs) are responsible for maintaining antibody levels in peripheral blood. Generated with CD4+ T help after naive B cell precursors encounter their cognate antigen, the linked processes of differentiati...
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There is continued interest in developing novel vaccine strategies that induce establish optimal CD8 + cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) memory for pathogens like the influenza A viruses (IAVs), where the recall of IAV-specific T cell immunity is able to protect against serologically distinct IAV infection. While it is well established that CD4 + T cell help is required for optimal CTL responses and the establishment of memory, when and how CD4 + T cell help contributes to determining the ideal memor...
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Background Although γδ T cells comprise up to 10% of human peripheral blood T cells, questions remain regarding their role in disease states and T‐cell receptor (TCR) clonal expansions. We dissected anti‐viral functions of human γδ T cells towards influenza viruses and defined influenza‐reactive γδ TCRs in the context of γδ‐TCRs across the human lifespan.
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: Current influenza A virus (IAV) vaccines stimulate antibody responses that are directed against variable regions of the virus, and are therefore ineffective against divergent strains. As CD8+ T cells target the highly conserved, internal IAV proteins, they have the potential to increase heterosubtypic immunity. Early T-cell priming events influence lasting memory, which is required for long-term protection. However, the early responding, IAV-specific cells are difficult to monitor because of t...
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Summary Age-associated decreases in primary CD8+ T cell responses occur, in part, due to direct effects on naive CD8+ T cells to reduce intrinsic functionality, but the precise nature of this defect remains undefined. Aging also causes accumulation of antigen-naive but semi-differentiated "virtual memory" (TVM) cells, but their contribution to age-related functional decline is unclear. Here, we show that TVM cells are poorly proliferative in aged mice and humans, despite being highly proliferati...
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