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The metropolis can be understood as a complex adaptive system made up of complex adaptive subsystems that agglomerated to help create the city’s strength, resilience and dynamism. In particular, the accumulated strength and dynamism of the individual neighbourhoods that form and evolve its districts and the districts that form its regions have major impacts on the organisation and evolution of the metropolis. This article discusses the subsystems of the city, in particular its regional, district...
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Social inclusion policies were championed by the former Rann Labor government in South Australia from 2002 to 2011. In 2011 the Social Inclusion Unit was dissolved by the South Australian government. It is argued that the relatively narrow focus of the former SIU on 'problem' communities limited its capacity to provide more than residual solutions. The diminishing political returns on social inclusion also encouraged the South Australian government to abandon this initiative. In 2014 this govern...
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In the period from 1997 to 2009 Australia experienced a severe drought, which significantly affected the Murray-Darling Basin. The drought has broken but state governments are still in conflict over water allocations. The establishment of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) in 2007 was intended to address these issues but the management of the Basin remains complicated by constitutional ambiguity. This paper addresses the question of whether it is possible to implement effective policies f...
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The construction of 'green buildings' is promoted by industry organisations and professional bodies as a means of increasing the sustainability of cities. 'Green building' certification schemes and regulatory requirements address many challenges related to waste management, resource consumption, operational efficiency and life cycle performance. Less embraced in current practice is the notion of 'designing out waste' or 'zero waste' in our buildings and cities. This paper discusses research from...
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As the largest consumer of resources globally, the construction industry faces significant challenges due to future changes in resource availability. How might this complex industry achieve reduction of resource consumption and waste given the disconnections existing between stakeholders in the building procurement process and the persistence of discipline based knowledge? This question is among many being addressed by a current Australian Research Council funded research project entitled ‘Recon...
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Jon Kellett, Kathryn Davidson, Lou Wilson, Stephen Pullen, Sada Karuppannan, Alpana Sivam, David Ness
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Waste in construction can range from excess materials di s- carded on the construction site through to the unnecessary demolition of parts of buildings that could be re-used in new structures. T his pa- per reports on research which explores the factors leading to the holi s- tic reduction of waste in construction. The research described is part of an Australian Research Council Linkage project entitled "Recon- sidering sustainable building and design: a cultural change approach". A series of ch...