Anja Rosenthal
University of Bayreuth
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Abstract In order to better understand the behaviour of Fe3+ during partial melting of a mid-ocean-ridge-basalt (MORB) mantle source, we performed partial melting experiments of a spinel peridotite at 1.5 GPa, between 1320 and 1450 °C, and over a range of oxygen fugacities (fO2) varying from FMQ-3.5 to FMQ+6 (log-units relative to FMQ = Fayalite-Magnetite-Quartz oxygen buffer). Changes in fO2 were achieved using different capsule materials and by varying the oxidation state of the starting mater...
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This study investigates the phase and melting relations of nominally 'dry' residual eclogites (Res2 and Res3), with varying bulk CaO/Na2O ratios (4 and 12, respectively), from ~160 (5 GPa) to ~90 km (3 GPa) depth. Garnet, clinopyroxene and minor quartz/coesite are subsolidus phases in both compositions. In contrast to Res2, in Res3, the proportions of garnet always exceeding those of clinopyroxene. This also leads to higher modal quartz/coesite in Res3 relative to Res2. In modelling melting alon...
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We have performed an experimental cross calibration of a suite of mineral equilibria within mantle rock bulk compositions that are commonly used in geobarometry to determine the equilibration depths of upper mantle assemblages. Multiple barometers were compared simultaneously in experimental runs, where the pressure was determined using in-situ measurements of the unit cell volumes of MgO, NaCl, Re and h-BN between 3.6 and 10.4 GPa, and 1250 and 1500 °C. The experiments were performed in a large...
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We present the first oxygen fugacity (fO2) profile through the cratonic lithospheric mantle under the Panda kimberlite (Ekati Diamond Mine) in the Lac de Gras kimberlite field, central Slave Craton, northern Canada. Combining this data with new and existing data from garnet peridotite xenoliths from an almost coeval kimberlite (A154-N) at the nearby Diavik Diamond Mine demonstrates that the oxygen fugacity of the Slave cratonic mantle varies by several orders of magnitude as a function of depth ...
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Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) data yield plentiful information on microstructure and texture of natural as well as experimentally produced mineral and rock samples. For instance, the characterization of microstructures and textures by EBSD allows for the evaluation of phase equilibria. Furthermore, determination of the preferred orientations of crystals using EBSD yields constraints on deformation mechanisms and history of the minerals/rocks. The latter affects bulk-rock properites, fo...
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Abstract The rheology of eclogite, garnetite and clinopyroxenite in the peridotitic upper mantle was experimentally investigated in a large volume press combined with in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction techniques to study the impact on mantle convection resulting from the subduction of oceanic lithosphere. Experiments were carried out over a range of constant strain rates ( 2 × 10 − 6 – 3 × 10 − 5 s − 1 ), pressures (4.3 to 6.7 GPa) and temperatures (1050 to 1470 K). Results show substantial ...
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#1Robert FarlaH-Index: 3
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Last.Daniel J. FrostH-Index: 55
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#1Anja Rosenthal (University of Bayreuth)H-Index: 13
#2Gregory M. Yaxley (ANU: Australian National University)H-Index: 32
Last.Carl Spandler (JCU: James Cook University)H-Index: 28
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Large-scale tectonic processes introduce a range of crustal lithologies into the Earth's mantle. These lithologies have been implicated as sources of compositional heterogeneity in mantle-derived magmas. The model being explored here assumes the presence of widely dispersed fragments of residual eclogite (derived from recycled oceanic crust), stretched and stirred by convection in the mantle. Here we show with an experimental study that these residual eclogites continuously melt during upwelling...
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