Yi-Gang Xu
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Abstract The Chinese Altai orogen formed in the Paleozoic is an important part of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB), and the study on the metamorphism will provide novel and robust constraints on its tectonic evolution. In this study, we investigate our newly recognized garnet–orthopyroxene–cordierite granulites at Wuqiagou area in the southern Chinese Altai. Detailed petrographic study and P–T estimates suggest four distinct metamorphic stages of mineral assemblages: (1) pre–peak (M1) stag...
Abstract Calcium isotopes have the potential to explore genetic links between the Moon and Earth. Here, we constrain calcium isotopic composition of the bulk silicate Moon (BSM), using petrological, geochemical and calcium isotopic data obtained from five lunar meteorites (two basalts and three feldspathic breccia rocks), and on four anorthite crystals from two feldspathic breccia meteorites. The δ44/40Ca of lunar feldspathic breccias are 0.76 ± 0.06‰ (2SD, n=3), 0.78 ± 0.10‰ (2SD, n=6) and 0.82...
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Abstract Deciphering the contribution of crustal materials to A-type granites is critical to understanding their petrogenesis. Abundant alkaline syenitic and granitic intrusions distributed in Tarim Large Igneous Province, NW China, offer a good opportunity to address relevant issues. This paper presents new zircon Hf-O isotopic data and U-Pb dates on these intrusions, together with whole-rock geochemical compositions, to constrain crustal melting processes associated with a mantle plume. The ~2...
Abstract We present a theoretical model of the stability and migration of carbonate-rich melts to test whether they can explain seismic low-velocity layers (LVLs) observed above stalled slabs in several convergent tectonic settings. The LVLs, located atop the mantle transition zone, contain small (∼1 vol%) amounts of partial melt, possibly derived from melting of subducted carbonate-bearing oceanic crust. Petrological and geochemical evidence from inclusions in superdeep diamonds supports the ex...
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Abstract Understanding the formation mechanism of the South China Sea has important implications for research on plate rupture and continent-ocean transition globally. Granitoids dredged from the Xiaozhenzhu Rise provide new perspectives on lithosphere evolution processes of this region. Zircon U Pb (127–122 Ma) and amphibole/K-feldspar 40Ar/39Ar (123–115 Ma) ages indicate high cooling rates of 55–64 °C/myr and thus rapid magma emplacement and uplift in the Early Cretaceous. These calc-alkaline ...
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Abstract We conducted a thorough analysis of the feldspathic breccia meteorite Dhofar 1428 with the aim of better understanding the composition and evolution of lunar crust. This sample comprises a heterogeneous array of lithic fragments including magnesian and ferroan anorthositic granulites, mafic granulites/granulitic breccia, basalts, and different kinds of impact melt rocks. In which, a high-Ti basalt clast comprising large zoned pyroxene was observed. Based on equilibrium melt calculations...
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Abstract High-Ti and low-Ti lava series occur simultaneously in many large igneous provinces (LIP); however, their origins remain debated. To address this issue, we performed a detailed geochemical study of olivine and olivine-hosted melt inclusions from the Dali picrites in the Emeishan LIP. Although the Dali picrite lavas have a limited range of whole-rock Ti/Y ratios (~356–404; Wu et al., 2018), olivine-hosted melt inclusions have Ti/Y ratios that range from low-Ti to high-Ti (213–741). The S...
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Abstract The flat-slab subduction model has been proposed to explain the complex Mesozoic–Cenozoic geotectonic record of SE China as part of the Western Pacific margin. Here we investigate the post-250 Ma thermal history of the Shaoguan-Longnan region to evaluate the time-temperature evolution of local sedimentary and magmatic rocks in the context of the flat-subduction model. Our multi-chronological approach includes zircon U-Pb geochronology, 40Ar/39Ar dating of K-feldspar and biotite, (U-Th)/...