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In living organisms, color patterns, behavior, and ecology are closely linked. Thus, detection of fossil pigments may permit inferences about important aspects of ancient animal ecology and evolution. Melanin-bearing melanosomes were suggested to preserve as organic residues in exceptionally preserved fossils, retaining distinct morphology that is associated with aspects of original color patterns. Nevertheless, these oblong and spherical structures have also been identified as fossilized bacter...
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An enigmatic fossil representing the deep-diving, open-ocean whale family Ziphiidae found 740 km inland and at 620 m elevation in West Turkana, Kenya was rediscovered after it went missing for more than 30 years. This stranded whale fossil provides the first constraint on the initiation of east African uplift from near sea level at 17 Ma, limiting the timing and initial elevation of environmental change indicated by geodynamic and climatic modeling, paleosols, isotopes, paleobotany, and the mamm...