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Background Ecologists are interested in assessing the spatial and temporal variation in ecological surveys repeated over time. This paper compares the 1985 and 2015 surveys of the Barro Colorado Forest Dynamics plot (BCI), Panama, divided into 1250 (20 m × 20 m) quadrats.
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Plant spectral diversity - how plants differentially interact with solar radiation - is a powerful integrator of plant functional and phylogenetic diversity that can be remotely sensed. We propose to measure spectral diversity as spectral variance, which allows the partitioning of the spectral diversity of a region, called spectral gamma γ diversity, into additive alpha (α ; within communities) and beta (β ; among communities) components. Our method calculates the contributions of individual ban...
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Last.B. Jesse Shapiro (UdeM: Université de Montréal)H-Index: 16
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Microbes are embedded in complex microbiomes where they engage in a wide array of inter- and intra-specific interactions. However, whether these interactions are a significant driver of natural biodiversity is not well understood. Two contrasting hypotheses have been put forward to explain how species interactions could influence diversification. 9Ecological Controls9 (EC) predicts a negative diversity-diversification relationship, where the evolution of novel types becomes constrained as availa...
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Flow modification of lotic ecosystems is one of the main threats to global freshwater biodiversity. Commonly, and in the river studied here, modification results from hydroelectric dam installation. We evaluated the impacts of damming on zooplankton communities in the Amazonian floodplain of the Madeira River (Porto Velho, Rondonia, Brazil) following construction in 2012 of the run‐of‐river dam of Jirau Hydroelectric Power Plant. Using data sampled between 2009 and 2015, we tested for discontinu...
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