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Prologue: Racism Introduction: A Framework for the Immigration Experience Pre-1965 Emigration: Leaving the Homeland for the United States Post-1965 Emigration: Changes in U.S. Immigration Policy Entry Into the United States and the Nation's Response to Asian Immigration Asian Adjustment Public Policies: Social Welfare, Housing, Education, and Criminal Justice Public Policies: Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse U.S.-Born Asian Americans Implications, Directions, and Action Guidelines Epil...
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Abstract When observers tracked a horizontally moving spot, the path of a second spot moving at an angle to the horizontal was radically misperceived. At a signal observers abruptly switched to tracking the second spot, which was then stabilized foveally. Data concerning resulting eye movements and perceptions support a distinction between the “central” motor command, which is found to be formulated solely from the erroneous perception, and the motor command that finally reaches the eye, which, ...
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