Paweł Jałoszyński
American Museum of Natural History
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#1Paweł Jałoszyński (AMNH: American Museum of Natural History)H-Index: 8
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#1Paweł Jałoszyński (AMNH: American Museum of Natural History)H-Index: 8
Abstract Eucinetidae is a small beetle family comprising only ten extant genera. Five of them have unusually modified mouthparts with a strongly transformed labium, which shows features interpreted as adaptations to suctorial feeding. Among the hyperdiverse Coleoptera, similar feeding adaptations are known only in several genera of Cerylonidae and Leiodidae. Fossils attributed to Eucinetidae or representing taxa presumably closely related to eucinetids are known from Lower Cretaceous of China an...
#1Paweł Jałoszyński (AMNH: American Museum of Natural History)H-Index: 8
#2E. E. Perkovsky (NASU: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)H-Index: 11
Abstract The Glandulariini includes 71 genera comprising over 70% of the extant nominal species of Scydmaeninae. Extant members of this tribe are ubiquitous in forests of all continents. Because of small size of most species (often below 2 mm), taxonomic problems accumulated over the past 200 years, and scarcity of fossils with exposed ventral structures that are crucial for generic diagnoses, Glandulariini are rarely subjects of palaeontological studies. Consequently, only five Cretaceous gener...
#1Paweł Jałoszyński (AMNH: American Museum of Natural History)H-Index: 8
#2Aleksandra Kilian (UWr: University of Wrocław)H-Index: 5
Abstract Exoskeletal morphological structures of all extant genera currently included into Mastigitae are very well studied, whereas the larvae are poorly known. Larval morphology provides a valuable character system for phylogenetic reconstructions, and as all hitherto carried out analyses of Mastigitae were based on adult characters only, it is important to fill this major gap by studying immature stages. We here describe in detail the second- and third-instar larvae of the South African ant-l...
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