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Purpose To extend currently available sex and age-specific normative values in children and adolescents for the peak work rate (WRpeak) attained at the steep ramp test (SRT) to healthy active young adults.
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Background Even though typically developing youth are already at risk for physical inactivity, youth with spina bifida may be even at higher risk as a consequence of their reduced mobility. No objective data is available for youth with spina bifida who use a manual wheelchair, so the seriousness of the problem is unknown. The purpose of this observational study was to quantify physical activity in wheelchair-using youth with spina bifida and evaluate the intensity of activities.
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Last.Raphaele R. L. van Litsenburg (VU: VU University Amsterdam)H-Index: 1
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Purpose: Cancer-related fatigue is one of the most distressing side effects of childhood cancer treatment. Physical activity can decrease fatigue and has positive effects on other health outcomes. Most research on physical activity pertains to adults, and the few studies that focus on children have limited follow-up time. This study evaluates cancer-related fatigue in children and its association with physical activity over a one-year time period. Methods: Sixty-eight children with cancer (7–18 ...
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Fatigability has emerged as an important dimension of physical impairment in patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). At present reliable and valid outcome measures for both mildly and severely affected patients are lacking. Therefore the primary aim of this study is the development of clinical outcome measures for fatigability in patients with SMA across the range of severity. We developed a set of endurance tests using five methodological steps as recommended by the ‘COnsensus-based Standa...
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Although sports participation leads to important health enhancement for youth with chronic diseases or physical disabilities (CDPD), it may pose an increased risk for injury or illness. This study investigated the incidence, type, severity and risks to (sports-related) injuries and illnesses among ambulatory youth with CDPD. Over a 12-month period, every 2 weeks, the characteristics of injuries and illnesses were registered by an online questionnaire and phone-based interview. Physical activity ...
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Last.Jan Willem Gorter (McMaster University)H-Index: 36
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Aim: To describe active and sedentary time in children with spina bifida and to compare their physical activity on weekdays versus weekends. Method: In this exploratory cross-sectional study, data from 13 Canadian and 22 Dutch children with spina bifida (14 females, 21 males; mean age 10y 11mo, standard deviation [SD] 3y 6mo, range 5y 6mo–18y; Hoffer classification distribution: community [n=28], household [n=3], non-functional [n=3], and non-ambulator [n=1]) were analysed. Objective measures of...
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Abstract:- Background -Over the last decades the number of childhood cancer survivors has increased. However, a significant number of childhood cancer survivors suffer from side effects of treatment. This results in a lower quality of life, reduced physical activity (PA), decreased muscle strength and cardiorespiratory fitness compared to healthy peers. To improve PA and to be able to set up and evaluate training programmes, it is necessary to study the feasibility of accelerometery and current ...
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