Vernon McDougall
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#1Peter S. Houts (PSU: Pennsylvania State University)H-Index: 31
#2Vernon McDougallH-Index: 2
This study compared the mental health, attitudes, and smoking behaviors of 133 workers who had been informed of health risks from exposure to toxic materials on the job with 137 workers who worked in similar conditions but who had not been told that their health was at risk because of exposure to toxic materials. The informed workers reported more health problems than controls, but there were no significant differences between the informed and uninformed groups in mental health, attitudes toward...
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#1Peter S. Houts (PSU: Pennsylvania State University)H-Index: 31
#2Vernon McDougallH-Index: 2
Workers' response to notification about health effects from exposure to toxic materials is determined not just by the content of the message but also by the “context” within which notification occurs, that is, the workers' prenotification knowledge, attitudes, and experiences concerning environmental health risks in general as well as the health problem that is the subject of the notification. In many cases, workers already have a high level of awareness of environmental health issues and are al...
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This paper briefly reviews the evolution of worksite smoking policies and programs, beginning with the goals and objectives from which they have sprung. Workplace smoking deterrents are shown to involve three different types of strategies: 1) legalistic approaches use policies and rules to restrict or foreclose smoking on the job; 2) economic strategies create incentives and disincentives, often through the employee health benefit plan; and 3) educational programs seek to motivate smokers to qui...
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