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The constructivist approach is interested in creating knowledge through active engagement and encourages students to build their knowledge from their experiences in the world. Learning through digital game making is a constructivist approach that allows students to learn by developing their own games, enhancing problem-solving skills and fostering creativity. In this context two tools, Create@School App and the Project Management Dashboard (PMD), were developed to enable students from different ...
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ABSTRACTThis article reports findings of an 18-month research project, funded by the Higher Education Academy in the United Kingdom (UK), to develop understanding of pedagogical differences in employing emerging technologies with transnational doctoral students. The focus of the research is a Professional Doctorate course delivered by a UK-based university and taught in Hong Kong (HK) by UK academic staff over four weekends each year, with supervisory support throughout the academic year by tuto...
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This article gives voice to Catholic teachers working in secular English schools. Their experience is an under-researched area and, despite a wealth of teaching on the vocation of the teacher, the specific vocation of the Catholic teacher in a secular school receives scant attention from the Catholic Church and researchers. Through in-depth interviews, participants articulated their idiographic experiences of inhabiting a liminal space. The main themes arising from the data were a strong sense o...
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The importance of Chinese language learning has received much policy attention in Hong Kong, with the transition into particular forms of employment requiring specific levels of Chinese language acquisition and competence. Acquirement of linguistic capital therefore becomes an essential component in processes of social mobility where those who do not have access to the appropriate resources (economic, cultural and social) become disadvantaged. This chapter explores the experiences of Chinese lan...
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Game jams are a way to create games under fast-paced conditions and certain constraints. The increase in game jam events all over the world, their engaging and creative nature, with the aim of sharing results among players can be seen in the high participation rate of such events (2013: 16,705 participants from 319 jam sites in 63 countries produced 3248 games) . This promising concept can be easily transferred to a classroom setting.
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This paper examines a school-based curriculum development (SBCD) experience in Hong Kong. Traditionally, curriculum change in Hong Kong has normally been bureaucratic with teachers’ actions monitored. This qualitative case study investigates the lived experience of an SBCD practice. Semi-structured interviews were utilized to examine teachers’ perceptions of the reflective SBCD experience in their school and what adaptations they had made when delivering the school-based materials. The findings ...
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This paper will present how an emerging Community of Practice is supporting the development of a new national computing curriculum in primary (5-11 years) and secondary (11-18) schools in England. Computing, because of its ubiquity and role in innovation, has become an essential requirement in the increasingly global digital knowledge economy. Consequently, industry, government, academics and policy makers have become increasingly concerned that England was beginning to lose its innovative and c...