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Abstract How does fractionalization affect political collaboration on reform? We develop a theory to explain observable variation in legislative output over time and policy areas. We show how the properties of a reform project determine the extent to which fractionalization affects political collaboration on reform. We apply our framework to the case of Lebanon and present mixed-methods evidence based on a novel comprehensive dataset of legislative activity and 32 interviews with parliamentarian...
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AbstractThis paper explores the phenomenon of policy divergence in response to crises of a similar nature. We argue that politically dominant interpretations of the nature of a crisis constitute a ...
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#2Declan Curran (DCU: Dublin City University)H-Index: 5
The notion that economic crises induce the adoption of reform ranks among the most widely accepted concepts in the political economics literature. However, the underlying mechanism of the so†called ‘crisis hypothesis’ has yet to be fully understood. This paper provides a comprehensive survey of the relevant empirical evidence to date, and scrutinizes the operationalization of the hypothesis’ key concepts: crisis, reform and the political mediation of reform during crises. We argue that t...
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Regional industrial policy emphasizes the notion of building on existing concentrations of competitive firms. A range of measures to identify such concentrations has been put forward in the literature. These however do not identify substantial concentrations which have the best potential for further development, tend to concentrate on scale measured by employment and are applied using data for pre-specified administrative boundaries. This paper presents a new concentration index that identifies ...
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This research explores resistance to a universal business organisation by analysing large firms in Ireland. Drawing on our dataset of large Irish firms, a strategy-structure-ownership-performance (SSOP) informed study identifies strategic transformations such as increased internationalisation and changes in ownership regime across three benchmark years of 1978, 1990 and 2010. However large Irish firms are not characterised by convergence to a universal business organisation. This study contribut...
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Last. Justin GleesonH-Index: 7
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#1Declan Curran (DCU: Dublin City University)H-Index: 5
This article analyses the reportage of the banking publication Bankers’ Magazine over the duration of the Great Irish Famine (1845–50). It explores attitudes to famine incidence and relief prevalent among Irish and British banking officials, as expounded in the trade publication representing their views. These professionals, employed in branch networks across both Irish and British society, were not political elites or ideologues, but rather saw themselves as ‘practical bankers’. This analysis s...
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Purpose The purpose of this paper is to explore the inter-organisational dynamics, in terms of the triggers to spin-off formation and the genealogical inheritance of spin-offs, between a parent characterised by an adverse event and the spin-offs that emerge. The study focusses on the nature of the triggering event, exploring the heterogeneous nature of the processes by which some spin-offs are formed to exploit new opportunities created unexpectedly by an adverse event, and on the genealogical i...
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This study investigates firm characteristic determinants of export intensity in small firms. The originality of our approach is a comparative analysis of export intensity between firms in the computer software and manufacturing sectors, using a quasi-maximum likelihood estimation to test for the correct specification of the conditional mean model. Results indicate that larger, younger firms have greater export intensity in the computer software sector than in manufacturing. Research and developm...