Haniruzila Hanifah
Universiti Sains Malaysia
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Innovation has become an approach to create value for the customer to remain competitive in the market. However, previous research on innovation performance particularly among Bumiputera small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) had received little intention. Hence, Bumiputera SMEs need to inculcate the innovation culture to generate innovation performance. As such, the purpose of this study is to examine the ambidextrous orientation and innovation strategy on innovation culture, and how innovat...
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Purpose This paper aims to investigate the impact of perceived price level and information security awareness on computer users’ attitude. Moreover, this study aims to investigate the effect of attitude, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control (PBC) on intention to use anti-malware software. Design/methodology/approach Data were collected using a structured questionnaire from 225 students of five public universities in Malaysia. Purposive sampling technique was used in this study. AMOS...
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#2Babak Taheri (Heriot-Watt University)H-Index: 11
Last.Haniruzila Hanifah (Universiti Sains Malaysia)H-Index: 3
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AbstractThis study investigates whether the perceptions and attitudes of residents living within the vicinity of heritage tourism sites differ from those living further afield. It examines resident...
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#1Ali Vafaei-Zadeh (Universiti Sains Malaysia)H-Index: 2
#2Haniruzila Hanifah (Universiti Sains Malaysia)H-Index: 3
Last.Yashar Salamzadeh (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
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In today’s knowledge-based economy, organizations are progressively accumulating the knowledge, which they required for innovation, from outside their boundaries. Having accepted the important role of knowledge sharing in innovation performance, it is disappointing to note that the potential harmful impacts of accidental and intentional knowledge leakage on this relationship are still neglected or undeveloped in the literature. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the impact of knowledge sh...
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People’s health awareness has extended from the food industry to the personal beauty industry. Consumers have increased their interest in natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, and other green elements of cosmetics. This research explores consumer attitudes toward green cosmetics. Data were collected through qualitative research instruments (focus groups) since the research aimed to discover in-depth consumer attitudes and feelings. There were 30 British females who agreed to be respondents...
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#1Ali Vafaei-Zadeh (Universiti Sains Malaysia)H-Index: 2
#2Thurasamy Ramayah (Universiti Sains Malaysia)H-Index: 35
Last.Haniruzila Hanifah (Universiti Sains Malaysia)H-Index: 3
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Purpose The aim of this research is to analyse the impact of relative advantage, compatibility, ease of use, visibility, voluntariness, image, result demonstrability, and trialability on intention to use Internet security software using a model developed based on perceived characteristics of innovation by Moore and Benbasat (1991) among undergraduate students. Design/methodology/approach Using an intercept survey method 425 responses was collected from a Malaysian public university using a close...
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#2Noor Hazlina Ahmad (Universiti Sains Malaysia)H-Index: 15
Last.Thurasamy Ramayah (Universiti Sains Malaysia)H-Index: 35
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Converting the Bottom of Pyramid (BOP) community into active entrepreneurs has become the agenda of the Malaysian government to eradicate the poverty by the year 2020. However, little is known on the factors influencing BOP community readiness to venture into new business. The paper aims at providing preliminary insights into the under-researched area of understanding the influence of government, information and training support on their entrepreneurial readiness. A questionnaire-based survey wa...
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