Janet C. King
Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute
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Abstract Phytate is widely distributed in the plant kingdom, and its significance for human nutrition has been often described. Data on phytate is available in very few composition tables, for a limited number of foods and mainly for raw products. With the aim of publishing the first global repository of analytical data on phytate, data on moisture, phytate, zinc, iron and calcium were compiled. Other aspects, such as the analytical method used, biodiversity and processing, were considered, and ...
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Almonds provide a satiating, healthy source of fat and fiber. The postprandial metabolic and satiety response to 2 ounces of nuts or dairy was assessed in 18 overweight/obese women during late pregnancy. Serum glucose, triglycerides, insulin, c-peptide, leptin, ghrelin, and lipoprotein particles were measured prior to and during a 5-h postprandial period following the consumption of an isocaloric breakfast meal with equivalent amounts of fat from either nuts or dairy on two separate mornings. Sa...
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Author(s): Stanhope, KL; Goran, MI; Bosy-Westphal, A; King, JC; Schmidt, LA; Schwarz, JM; Stice, E; Sylvetsky, AC; Turnbaugh, PJ; Bray, GA; Gardner, CD; Havel, PJ; Malik, V; Mason, AE; Ravussin, E; Rosenbaum, M; Welsh, JA; Allister-Price, C; Sigala, DM; Greenwood, MRC; Astrup, A; Krauss, RM | Abstract: © 2018 The Authors. Obesity Reviews published by John Wiley a Sons Ltd on behalf of World Obesity Federation Calories from any food have the potential to increase risk for obesity and cardiometabo...
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