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Abstract Laryngeal emphysema, or air surrounding the larynx, is a rare complication in the absence of traumatic upper aerodigestive tract injury. We report a case of a lifethreatening upper airway obstruction from laryngeal emphysema following videoassisted thoracoscopic surgery for lung cancer. Air leaking from a segment of lung resulted in the accumulation of air within the visceral compartment of the neck, with the subsequent pressurized compression of contained structures, such as the oesoph...
Abstract Presentation of case A 56-year old male presented for an elective redo-sternotomy, aortic valve replacement, tricuspid valve annuloplasty, and coronary artery bypass grafting. During central vascular access using a standard Seldinger technique, resistance to two spring-wire guide wires was encountered when the wires were advanced through the patient's internal jugular vein. Ultrasound provided limited views of the anatomical path of the guidewires and was unable to provide visualisation...
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Abstract Background and Purpose: Intestinal obstruction caused by an internal hernia projecting through a mesenteric defect is a rare sequela of laparoscopic colectomy, as surgeons usually leave such defects open. In this study, we investigated cases of internal hernia after laparoscopic left-sided colectomy. Methods Data of 308 patients who underwent laparoscopic left hemicolectomy or sigmoidectomy at our institute between 2013 and 2018 were retrospectively reviewed. Patient characteristics and...
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Background TEG6S® and TEG5000® (Haemonetics Corp, USA) are haemostasis analysers that measure viscoelasticity properties of whole blood. Both use different mechanisms to assess similar components of the coagulation process. The aim of this study was to assess agreement and interchangeability between the TEG6S and TEG5000 analysers.
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Right hepatectomy is a complex procedure that carries inherent risks of perioperative morbidity. To evaluate outcome differences between a low central venous pressure fluid intervention strategy and a goal directed fluid therapy (GDFT) cardiac output algorithm we performed a retrospective observational study. We hypothesized that a GDFT protocol would result in less intraoperative fluid administration, reduced complications and a shorter length of hospital stay. Patients undergoing hepatectomy u...