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Given the current prolonged life expectancy, various pathologies affect increasingly the aging subjects. Regarding the musculoskeletal apparatus, bone fragility induces more susceptibility to fractures, often not accompanied by good ability of self-repairing, in particular when critical-size defects (CSD) occur. Currently orthopedic surgery makes use of allografting and autografting which, however, have limitations due to the scarce amount of tissue that can be taken from the donor, the possibil...
Commercial gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) antagonists differ by 1–2 amino acids and are used to inhibit gonadotropin production during assisted reproduction technologies (ART). In this study, potencies of three GnRH antagonists, Cetrorelix, Ganirelix and Teverelix, in inhibiting GnRH-mediated intracellular signaling, were compared in vitro. GnRH receptor (GnRHR)-transfected HEK293 and neuroblastoma-derived SH-SY5Y cell lines, as well as mouse pituitary LβT2 cells endogenously expressing t...
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The elasmoid scales of fish represent a significant internal reservoir of calcium ions (Ca2+), but little is known about the contribution of these scales to the short-term regulation of Ca2+ homeostasis in the extracellular fluid (ECF). This gap in our knowledge is partly due to the technical challenges involved in measuring small Ca2+ fluxes around the scales of live fish in real time. Here, we describe a technique for exfoliating, mounting, and culturing intact living zebrafish Danio rerio sca...
The present study is the second step (concerning normal diet restoration) of the our previous study (concerning the calcium-free diet) to determine whether normal diet restoration, with/without concomitant PTH (1-34) administration, can influence amounts and deposition sites of the total bone mass. Histomorphometric evaluations and immunohistochemical analysis for Sclerostin expression were conducted on the vertebral bodies and femurs in the rat model. The final goals are (i) to define timing an...
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Osteocytes are terminally differentiated cells of the osteoblast lineage. They are involved in the regulation of bone remodeling by increasing osteoclast formation or decreasing bone formation by the secretion of the osteoblast inhibitor sclerostin. Monoclonal antibody anti-sclerostin, Romosozumab, has been developed and tested in clinical trials in patients with osteoporosis. In the last years, the role of osteocytes in the development of osteolytic bone lesions that occurs in multiple myeloma,...
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Osteocytes, the most important regulators of bone processes, are producers of molecules (usually proteins) that act as signals in order to communicate with nearby cells. These factors control cell division (proliferation), differentiation, and survival. Substantial evidence showed different signaling pathways activated by osteocytes and involved in osteoblast differentiation, in particular in the last decade, when the Wingless-related integration site (WNT) pathway assumed a critical large impor...
Accumulating evidence suggests that metformin, used as an antidiabetic drug, possesses anti-cancer properties. Metformin reduced the incidence and growth of experimental tumors in vivo. In a randomized clinical trial among nondiabetic patients, metformin treatment significantly decreased the number of aberrant crypt foci compared to the untreated group with a follow-up of 1 month. In our study, HT29 cells were treated with graded concentrations of metformin, 10 mM/25 mM/50 mM for 24/48 h. We per...
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