Martin Maier
University of Oldenburg
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1. Correlations among plant traits often reflect important trade‐offs or allometric relationships in biological functions like carbon gain, support, water uptake, and reproduction that are associated with different plant organs. Whether trait correlations can be aggregated to “spectra” or “leading dimensions,” whether these dimensions are consistent across plant organs, spatial scale, and growth forms are still open questions.2. To illustrate the current state of knowledge, we constructed a netw...
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ABSTRACTSpecies conservation and forage production are both important, yet conflicting components of sustainable grassland management. We modeled forage production and conservation value as dependents in a chain of responses and effects, starting with abiotic environmental conditions that affect the spatial distribution of land uses and biotic ecosystem properties. We asked which relationships in this causal chain determine trade-offs between forage production and conservation value. Abiotic and...
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Land management in coastal areas has to cope with impacts of climate change and sea level rise. In Germany, landscape plans assess and organize the spatial allocation of land use as an environmental contribution to general spatial planning. Collaborative planning processes are important to develop sustainable and ecosystem-based strategies to make coastal landscapes climate proof. However, there is little experience with collaborative processes in practical planning in Germany, and probably in o...
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The Wadden Sea region is one of the most important breeding areas in Western Europe for coastal breeding bird species. It is expected that management of salt marshes is important for successful conservation of breeding bird populations but the impact of management on the habitat quality for breeding birds is still not fully understood. In this study the effects of management on the three crucial habitat characteristics for breeding birds were studied on mainland salt marshes: effects of manageme...
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The effects of predation on Common Redshanks Tringa totanus incubation patterns and behaviour was investigated in 2006 and 2007 at three mainland study sites at the Jadebusen and at one study site on the island Wangerooge, Wadden Sea National Park Lower Saxony (Germany), using temperature data loggers. At these sites, breeding Redshanks were naturally exposed to different predation pressures (as revealed by different hatching success) that varied between 10 and 90% amongst study sites. In areas ...
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Summary 1. Climate change encompasses changes in both the means and the extremes of climatic variables, but the population consequences of the latter are intrinsically difficult to study. 2. We investigated whether the frequency, magnitude and timing of rare but catastrophic flooding events have changed over time in Europe’s largest estuary. Subsequently, we quantified how this has affected the flooding risk of six saltmarsh nesting bird species. 3. We show that maximum high tide has increased t...
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